On The Black Sea Far Away Chapter 2 Read Count : 2

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One morning Emma jumped up and exclaimed, " Stay, We are going on an expedition starting today! We will visit each world and create a map along the way ! We will meet new people and write about their place!"
Stay hopped up in Emma's lap and purred his praise. They finished their  breakfast of pineapple tea and berry pancakes. 
Emma stretched and nailed a blank canvas down to record her map. She asked Stay to pick a direction because he was 1st cat. He hopped upon the wooden wheel, giving it a fast spin and the boat whipped a whirl and off they went. 
With the mast way up and three sails out the boat drifted along at a steady bout. 
Their first new world began to appear. It was so beautiful and the air so pure. The trees were so green and had fruit on each one. Flowers so vivid and smelled of the sun. 
Emma looked to Stay with a big grin a said " let the adventure begin!" They hopped off the boat onto the white sand. When right in front of them a giant parrot did land. 
He said"Hello my name is Toucan. I am here to welcome you to our bird land!"
Emma said "Thank you Toucan we are here to explore and make new friends! 
Could you show us around and tell us about your land?"
Toucan agreed and told Emma and Stay to follow him. They came upon a beautiful hill where you could see their whole world with a slight of turn.  
Other birds began to land all around, curious, because they had never a human being before. 
But Toucan had heard many stories from his granddad in which he shared with the others as they inched closer. They began to land on Emma and peck at her cheek which would make her laugh every time she would speak. This made Stay a little frightened whom hid in a tree. The birds were so different and seemed to be laughing. 
Toucan invited them to the most luscious of lunches in which they agreed. 
Many birds flew in bringing baskets of wonderful fruits and fragrant flowers. They sang so sweet one could listen for hours. 
All sat at table covered by fruit and "to adventure," Toucan said,  "Salute'"
Emma and Stay feasted on peaches so juicy and plump and golden sweet followed by the ripest of strawberries served with cream. The birds created halos of lillies and iris too. For Emma and Stay to take as they bid adeu'
"We will be back one again and until then we shall chart you on our map my friends!"


  • Dec 30, 2018

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