Nightly Intrusion (Adult) Read Count : 15

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     Hearing the back door close, Helen leapt up in fear and nearly tripped over her own feet not knowing which way to run. The glare from the TV where she was watching one of her crime shows had grown brighter, along with the soft lighting she had dimmed to set the mood. A mood that was intended to be sensual with a hint of eroticism for when her boyfriend, Steven, came over. Though, she had just talked to him on the phone from his work phone. Whoever was at the back door, wasn't Steven. 

     It was Helen’s Friday night tradition to watch her Crime shows while she waited for her man to come home from work. Then, with lights dimmed, candles lit, and the light clouds of smoke from incense drifting through the air, they would hold each other and watch the latest movie Steven would bring with him. Even though they'd watched hundreds of movies, neither of them could tell you how it had ended. 

     After being married for over four years, each Friday night was as if they were still newlyweds. Steven’s hands would gently glide his fingers along her arms, slowly making their way down toward the heat coming from between her legs. It always reminded Helen of being back in her bedroom high school when he would sneak into her bedroom, then he’d sneak his fingers down in the same way. She had been a scared virgin back then, and would grab his hand before it got too close. Now, his hands held a warm sense of comfort and compassion. She felt at home with him inside her. 

     It wasn't him that was inside the house though. 


     Helen made it into the bedroom and locked the door. There was no way she could have made it to the front door. She and Steven had just moved in but weren't finished moving all the packed boxes. They sat by the front door in heavy stacks making the entrance unusable. She was trapped in the bedroom with an intruder blocking her only exit. 

     She could hear footsteps shuffling around, getting closer and closer, until…     nothing. 

There was complete silence as she placed her right ear up to the door. 


     "Hello…?" Her voice shook. 

     Still nothing. 

     "My husband should be home any second! …and I've already called the cops!" she lied. 

     She pressed her ear into the door, eyes looking up. 


     The loud thud against the door shook the whole house. Helen fell back towards the bed screaming. As she pushed herself up onto her feet, hands holding onto the made-up bed, another BOOM! against the door swept her legs throwing her back to the floor. Before getting up off the floor, she looked towards the door. It had been busted off its hinges, leaving the silhouette of a man stood in the doorway. 

     She had held her eyes closed while she prayed over and over again to herself. But they were forced open as a large mass knocked the wind out of her as it sat on top of her. The first thing she saw was the black ski-mask covering her intruder’s face. Looking up to the side, her hands were tied to the headboard. Even her legs were tied with used, faded rope, which burned her ankles whenever she tried to wiggle them free. There was no use in fighting she realized.

     By now, he had undone her pants and was yanking them down. She wasn't wearing underwear. It was supposed to be a surprise for Steven. Now, he was in for a much bigger surprise. 

     As he was already rock-hard, he didn't bother with her shirt. With his sweaty, but familiar hand, he felt in between her legs, feeling the warmth coming off of her sex. She was already wet. Without hesitation, he slid himself inside her. Instead of screams for help, she moaned with incredible pleasure.

     In and out repeatedly at a steady pace. It was over quicker than it had started. They found themselves thrust deep into each other. Her lower body held in the air like they had come at the same time. After a few deep breaths, she lowered it and laid naked on the bed, catching her breath. Him still on top of her. 

     "How was that?" he asked. 

     Helen opened her eyes and slipped her wrists out of the rope to take his mask off. 

     "Not bad, Stevie. But I told you not to use that old rope, it burns my ankles."

     Steven laughs. "Sorry baby. How about that movie?"


  • Jan 02, 2019

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