Upon The Black Sea, Far Away : Chapter 1 Read Count : 5

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Sub Category : Childrens
Once upon a time in a different universe ,far away, lived a young lady and her cat named stay. 
They both loved to explore more than the love to play. 
And they had a magical sailboat that took them on adventures each and every day. 
By night they would drift upon the very special Black Sea which was always calm and clear as can be. 
And every night the moon was always full. It would rise and set from one horizon to the next. 
And as it would reach the waters edge, the moon would begin to melt its golden beauty straight into the sea.  Warming it up for all to swim and even  in the dark one could still see. 
And oh what a beautiful sight indeed. For they were surrounded by the brightest stars which speckled the Sea. 
These weren't just oridinary stars however. For each and every luminated speck was a world of its own.  One so different from the next and so many worlds one couldn't know what to expect. 


  • Julz Till

    Julz Till

    This is my current work in progress. Trying to get back into my love for writing. Thanks in advance for any guidance.

    Dec 30, 2018

  • Dec 30, 2018

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