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    I'm always looking for inspiration, it seems. It's why I like listening to birds as I walk or drink coffee in the rain while reading a book on the front porch as the sun sets. Seeing rainbows after rain and the many colors of the sky at sunrise and sunset. Trying to find a hummingbird's nest in the large tree in the front yard, or paying close watch to the stray cat that lives in the backyard.

    Inspiration is something that no matter how much I take in I always lack. Seeing a sibling take their first steps and mom joking about how long it took you all five times. Winning your first Magic the Gathering game against your dad's superior deck at seven. Teaching a sister who can't even read yet how to play chess and seeing her do so well. Having a little brother after three sisters. Winning my first debate tournament.

     It doesn't matter how much I get, I always seem to never come up with any ideas for anything of an art, no matter how many people say I'm good at it. I can't draw, sing, build, anything with free thought that turns out as the ever better image in my head. I never get what I want. Like  I wanted to write about what inspires me, but I settled on how it doesn't help. I'm never satisfied with what I create because I always say it can be better, and if it isn't the best then it shouldn't exist at all. Which is my biggest downfall in life. This has kind of been my way of coping with it, thanks for reading.


  • Dec 30, 2018

  • I know what you mean... I can't even do school projects let alone write something just to let go. Even if it turns out as good as imagined I still feel like it sucks because I know I could do better... And I feel like that's the problem, people doubting themselves... you could have something great and never share because you think it needs to be better and then it gets to that point where you begin to question why you even started, because you believe it will never be good enough. That point where your inspiration runs so low you feel like quiting... But at the same time doubting ourselves could be seen as a good thing. Pushing us to work harder and better ourselves... I think as long as we don't let it consume ourselves there is nothing to lose... Sorry for the rant of a comment, just kinda happened...

    Dec 30, 2018

  • Dec 30, 2018

  • From what you wrote, it appears to me like you are somewhat a perfectionist. You are very critical of yourself that you sometimes judge yourself unfairly. You put extremely high expectations upon yourself that even when you reach them, you still beat yourself up. You want to be the best of and you push yourself hard to be what is 'the best' in your definition and no matter what, you always feel like you fall short even when you excel. Stop being too hard on yourself. Even though this post of yours may be a way of you letting off steam, but the way it was written shows the brilliance of your craft. Give yourself more credit and go easy on yourself. You are good at what you do.💜

    Dec 30, 2018

  • From what I can tell you are a great writer!

    Jan 01, 2019

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