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Don't hurt us when we're hurting

I need your love to get through tonight.

It's not a war about who loves more. 

Your prayers and kind touch are what I adore.

I give my all and if I fall you throw me against a wall. With no way to call and being treated as an unhealthy rag doll. 

You hurt me, blame me, shame me and then try to claim me. 

Don't hurt us when we're hurting it's what you do best. 

You are like all the rest.

So selfish, so lazy and frankly you drive me crazy. Don't hurt us when we're hurting. Don't think nobody can see it. 

Upset is what you made me I don't want to be it. 

Why not love? Hearing and responding? Don't hurt us because your hurting and steal her away. Knowing its wrong. 

We are strong and you are wrong. Please make it right she must be here tonight. 


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