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Recently I am confused with lots of new things getting introduced and for a while I felt is it good to stick to the older one or should go for a new one. New things really adds charm to life and brings lots of features which old things doesn't have. But my question is CAN WE TOTALLY FORSAKE OLD ONES?

I am finding it tough to forsake old things sometimes those practices that are new to me and are something that I am not aware about. 

A new thing is sometimes a mystery for us and which we might not be able to grasp or digest quickly. For example, lots of people follow a religion and live with a identity and tomorrow if someone says you should forsake it, though it is good but can it become possible?

If anyone asks us leave your caste, creed, sect and join a new one, how would it sound like? Though nice but many things become very tough to follow.

For example, if you are a Christian and if due to some tough unexplainable situation get converted to Islamic religion how would it be? Though both the religion has the same GOD still some differences exist and will keep on haunting you for the rest of your lives.

My question is we are getting so bored in following our same old religion that we want and desire either our religion we follow to get updated with new things with the coming times or else at least give us the followers the freedom to express what we expect from our religion. 

Can we consider ourselves as sinners if we desire so? Why aren't we allowed to make any changes that we desire in our religion which could have benefited many others in future. Even after we are its adhere followers why it just gives us a ID which only shows that only we have one option just follow anything closing our eyes shut without opening our mouth and even if we open our mouth use it only the way others want us to do. Then what is the difference between the GOVERNMENT AND THE RELIGION we follow, both commands us but doesn't understand that both the government and the religion stands on us THE FOLLOWERS.

If we don't have our desires getting fulfilled and if we are restricted from getting our desired alternation unfulfilled, why should we follow it like a scapegoat. 

Even a human body needs changes from our birth till death. What is the point in sticking to those olden days traditions which doesn't exist anymore. 

I guess it's the time to wake and wish ALMIGHTY GOD a change though not now but in the coming years, so that we may know exactly that we also live on the same planet but get time to time updated with new knowledge. It is like the food we consume, we can't eat the same thing repeated, it sucks, so it is the time for a change. 


  • If you want change then YOU make it happen. Don't be like an infant and expect someone else to make the change for you

    Dec 30, 2018

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