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Dreams of you throughout the night daydreaming of you I sit and write, sharing my thoughts about our love my son I care so much your my angel from above. Keep me close each I'll call I'll follow you wherever you may walk or crawl. Songs for you and poems I write each day to keep you happy stay insight. Don't fight with those you love remember not to forget our god above, keep yourself from falling hard, don't let nobody scar your heart. I love you with all I have I'll give you things to make you glad. Your just so cute in your brand new shoes, your dad had bought for you. I can't forget nor do I regret the day I seen your face the first day we met. I bet I can't replace that day with any other thought in my way. You make me smile you help me see, your my best friend and happy you will be. Keep it up my son my blessing, never have you been made me regret a thing or choice since you've been born. Love I have for you is worn in words upon my chest I love you Jaden with no regrets.


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