My Love Within Finds Itself Trying To Find You Read Count : 2

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Keeping your letters you wrote when we met, keeps me altogether I hope and I bet. I play songs to myself within me I must find, find a song I could sing to pass by all the time. All the time you spent with in me poems and letters, letters of love makes my world so much better. You sing to me songs I must say you are not wrong when you play for me words that say we get along. I must say your my way into love as we play up above is the heavens full of us and our memories we make. Each day as we pray both for those in our way and those guiding us to our future as we say things important to our dreams come together be a friend hold my hand til we reach the end. Never let go, hold onto to my waist as we grow into place, you say to my face words of truth and displace as I cry in your arms, closely holding my charm. Say to me you will stay, stay with me each long day. Poems to you of love feels so much truth from above you have come bright as the morning sun. so much I can say without you I must pray for just one more chance or one more day 


  • Dec 30, 2018

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