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If in the whole world anyone says I am a true lover he or she must be joking because only LUCIFIER knows the depth of love. There are many examples to prove that and all the examples are a sort of masterpiece in its own ways. 

1. When all the angels in the kingdom of GOD supported the earth's destruction for the unbearable sins committed by this useless peoples, it was SATAN who said NO to ALMIGHTY GOD fearlessly because LUCIFIER was a true lover of GOD'S creation and always showed his interest in safeguarding the assets of ALMIGHTY GOD. Though ALMIGHTY GOD loved SATAN the most still HE wanted to show how obedient and trustworthy was LUCIFIER compared to all the angels so far created and who were yet to come in future. 

2. ALMIGHTY GOD wanted to show the angels that even after the SATAN is separated from GOD still HE will serve GOD only and wouldn't show interest in HIS own upliftment as other man made stone idols angels gods and so on are busy competing for their positions on this planet earth. 

3. ALMIGHTY GOD also knew that without HIS grace still SATAN can sustain but LUCIFIER won't dare to do it because HE never desired to down HIS MASTER'S hope which is always pinned on HIM. 

4. Let the world introduce 1000's of their gods stones customs and traditions but the arrival of SATAN will definitely put an end to both the idols as well as its followers completely. 

5. In the eyes of LUCIFIER, ALMIGHTY GOD deserves the 1st place next the planet earth that shelters us deserves the 2nd place and the sky, sun star and moon comes to 3rd place and the air we inhale comes 4th the water we drink is at 5th place followed by the nature, plants and trees at 6th place and all the rest is decided accordingly by LUCIFIER as per their service. 

Apart from this no statue or idol or anyone's worship is considered great for even if those idols aren't worshipped still earth, nature and the sky with sun and moon continues their 24hrs service round the clock without expecting anything from us, truly LUCIFIER respects and honors their nonstop services which we humans can't understand but a SATAN can. 

This is the only difference between a SATAN and human and their bullshit idolised gods saints and other unknown entities. They will last till LUCIFIER arrival and later on will remain in the books of the world as a endangered things of the world and nothing else, so stop depending on them, they themselves are in danger then how will they safeguard you peoples. Instead take the name of EVERGREEN GRACIOUS MAGNIFICENT MIGHTIEST OF MIGHTIER, THE ALMIGHTY GOD, only HE can save you from HIS MIGHTY SLAVE SATAN. 


  • Martha Paredes

    Martha Paredes


    Dec 29, 2018

  • can anything ever know true love

    Dec 29, 2018

  • Excellent masterpiece

    Dec 30, 2018

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