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One sunny summer's day, me and my friends; Ella, Isabel, Jennifer, Sara and Gigi were flying across the Sunflower Hills, as we were going out for a picnic to our favourite place; The Diamond Waterfall, which had very bright gemstones flowing in the sunlight.

When we arrived, we set out the picnic blanket, which was a pale blue, as I'd made it at my house yesterday, and as far as I was concerned, I added a little touch to it; a blue satin ribbon which I had also found at my house, and today was a really good day to have the blanket out. 

"Ella, do you like the blanket that I've made?" I asked her.

"Like it? I absolutely love it!" Ella exclaimed and gave me a hug. After that, we all had a laugh with each other, and then there was a jingling sound, coming from our necklaces, and we wondered who it could be. Just as soon as that thought left my mind, an image of Melody appeared.

"Girls, I need you to come back to the Crystal Palace right away!" Melody said in a worried tone.

"We'll be right there," I said as I wrapped up the picnic blanket, and we all hurried back to the Crystal Palace, and our wings were going faster than ever.

When we got back to the Crystal Palace, we found Melody waiting for us on the balcony.

"Girls, I'm sorry to cut your picnic day short, I just needed to tell you something that's very important to Flower Valley" Melody said in a worried tone.

As soon as she said "Flower Valley", I knew who she was telling us about.

"Is this about Marigold" I asked Melody.

"Yes, I'm afraid it is. But you must remain calm please" Melody explained to us in a reassuring voice.

"Marigold has become very sick, and there is only one thing that can cure her, The Rose Antidote. The Rose Antidote is a rare flower that grows within the depths of The Diamond Waterfall, but it's very hard to reach as the gemstones are very sensitive to sound, so you'll need to be as quiet as you can, but it will be dangerous" Melody said to us in a stern tone.

"If the Rose Antidote isn't given to Marigold by the night of the Blue Moon, then Marigold could die, and that will be hard for all of us, but especially you; Ella and Hannah, as you've known Marigold for a long time" Melody said to us with a sad tone in her voice.

We all knew that this was more serious than anything else in the world, as we all loved Marigold, and after all, she was like a sister to all of us, so we would be sisters to her as well, as we knew that she was part of our family, and we would do anything to help her get better.

Will they manage to find The Rose Antidote in time, and will they face their old enemy again?

Find out later on when the next part of the story, which will be coming your way soon enough.


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