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     Among adults, the most common fears are social and open or closed spaces. I agree with this wholeheartedly as I do have a fear I’m still working on towards social situations. Not to mention, being inside an elevator for too long freaks me out. 

     When it comes to kids, some are not willing to admit it, but one if the top fears is still Nyctophobia: a fear of the dark. It’s an understandable fear I believe. It goes hand in hand with fear of the unknown. You don’t know what lies in the darkness before you. 

     My little niece used to have this fear. It got to the point where she wouldn’t sleep in her room by herself. I told my aunt that I’d talk to her. I’ve lived in the darkest of the dark. The night gives me energy. I figured If I could get her to understand the dark and see beyond it, she would be fine. Luckily is was summer time. 

     While she and I were outside after we had eaten dinner, I told her about a game I used to play when I was her age. I told her to collect all the lightning bugs, or fireflies, and keep them in a jar topped with a lid with poked in holes. As you gather them together, they all shine their luminous glow simultaneously turning your jar into an off and on lantern. It’s one of the million beautiful things in nature. I also told her, you must let them out before the sun comes up, for they stop glowing; otherwise, they are merely just bugs. 

     “Some of life’s most beautiful things only come at night,” I said, then told her to look up at the night sky. 

     “You see all the stars? What would happen if the darkness behind them wasn’t there? 

     “I dunno,” she said while shrugging her cute little shoulders. 

     “You wouldn’t be able to see the stars. Stars can’t shine without darkness.”

     She smiled at that. 

     It took a few nights but eventually she was able to sleep in her room alone, without a nightlight. 

     I live for the dark. It’s the only way someone like me can shine. 


  • Dec 29, 2018

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