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(I've said all of these..including this one lol!)

"The best memories are with love, passion, and belief."

2 "Its okay to say you give up, but don't forget to add...'for now."

3 "My life is like a tree, I mostly get stumped, but the best part is that I always want to leaf."

4 "Want to give up but can't? Then just keep going!"

5 "I think music is life. Because you will never fully understand it."

6 "I want to get inspired. But I don't know how. Do we get inspired by eating a cake or cupcake just like my sims do?"

7 "I want to invent something. Okay you know what...a Chenut, there. It is a Cheeto/Peanut."

8 "I always say school is hard, but I wont say that today since I passed both my tests."

9 "2018 has been the craziest year of my life so far. *Remembers age* I'm scared for my future now."

10 "Roses are red, Violets are blue, I want a new life, and I bet you do too."


"If my future writings suck, remember the old me" - KARCBLOS

(December 28th, 2018)


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    Dec 29, 2018

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