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“Im bi",“im lesbian" “im gay" I'm anything but straight. “OMG THATS A CRIME GO TO HELL" uhh no not necessarily..U have the right to be whoever u want to be without getting judged u should be able to be u and not get judged by that. Saying“omg ur bi omg u know u'll go to hell for that right it's a sin ur such a bad person omg* NO FRIK U I HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE WHO I FRIKN WANY PUNK! Yeah I would not suggest saying that to ur parents but here is what u say “I have the frikn right to be who I want to be and if u have a problem with it I'm sorry" God loves all no matter ur sexually u can be bi Les gay homeisexally phensexally doesn't matter as long as ur u sexallty doesn't matter u gotta understand that u won't go to hell just for being who u are if pple have a problem with it so what that's their bealive and I bet u there is at least christan singers who are bi Les gay etc so feel free to be who u are bc ur Amazing no matter what sexallty u are


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    Dec 29, 2018

  • Dec 29, 2018

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    Feb 02, 2019

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