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Grandma held her arms out to me and for a, second i thought she was trying to slap me or something! I walked over to her and stood there like, a statue. "What's your name, child?" she asked. "Gabriella." i answered. She smiled, "Do you know who i am, Darling?" she asked. I shook my head, even though i just figured it out 28seconds ago. "I'm your grandmother." she smiled. She held out her arms and hugged me. Petals came over and hugged us. "I'm Petals." she beamed. "Sierra told me all about you. She spoke about magic and monsters and all type of fake fantasies and nonsense. " she scoffed. "Well it's true..." Petals grabbed her wand and stood in the middle of the ground. 

She closed her eyes and swirled in circles over and over again. Neon colors came from all around her making the room glow! She looked hecka graceful!!! Sparkles appeared around her and eyes and hair began to glow. Grandma looked like she was nearly about to scream at the top of her lungs and run out and drive away asfar as she could! Petals lifted into the air and slowly landed back on the floor. "See?" she smiled. Grandma had her hand on her chest as if her heart had sped up and was leaning deep in the chair! "Impossible!" she said shocked. "Not impossible, but funpossible!" Petals giggled. "There are advantages to being a space princess and living on another planet." "Goodness, perhaps i need to lay down. "grandma said with her hand on her head. "Why don't you lay down back at your house?" mom said sarcastically. "Emily, don't be a hard case." grandma said. She frowned, then smiled. "I'm sorry, grandma. I should have never sent you our location." Aunt Sierra said sitting next to them exhausted. "No it's fine, Sierra," grandma face mom, who was just starting at her. "I'll just stay for dinner, tonight." she said standing. "Mr. ... Williams! Yes,  that it! Will you help my with my bags? I'm getting old, but i just love seeing my hair flying in the wind." she smiled. Petals chuckled,"Yeah, so that wing can fly off." I held back my laughter and pinched her. "Ow!" she yelped. 

To Be Continued... 



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