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Love is like a math test,

It could be beautiful,

Could be a mess,


Take a sip of the tea,

Fill it with rose petals,

Of your lovers, indeed

L is for live,

O is for opinion,

V is for valid,

E is for Expansion,

It could be short,

Could be a passion,

But for me,

That aint my fashion,

Love is life,

Love is complex,

Love is everything,

That shouldn't be flexed,

Could cause problems,

That shouldn't exist,

Also break-ups,

That might be missed,

Love isn't this next thing...

L isn't Leak,

O isn't Open,

V isn't Vented,

E isn't Exoptional,

Love is Hard,

That could be soft,

Love is peace,

And that tops it off.



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    Dec 28, 2018

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