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LUCIFIER is deeply furious with the people of earth for committing serious offence and henceforth have decided to decide his time of arrival on this planet earth. Yes, at last it is not the false gods and saints but the mighty SATAN himself will take over this planet earth's cleaning. The question is when HE steps on this planet? 

1. Deeply furious by the various temples, stones, idols and many more man made gods including HIS non approved satanic Church worship, LUCIFIER has decided to show HIS arrival by destroying the satanic Church first because he hates followers of his own name, for they are sinning in making him a god which he is not able to digest nor accept. He will only spare those who truly follow the path of good moral codes of his master ALMIGHTY GOD. Leaving that GOD If anyone else believes and forces and makes others believe nor create followers for false man made gods would see severe punishment worster than christ in HIS rule. 

2. Till his arrival the stories would keep continuing describing the evil practices followed in the earth. LUCIFIER respects ALMIGHTY GOD'S as his master, though as per the books HE is a fallen angel from the kingdom of GOD still HE holds HIS AUTHORITY OF HIGHEST GRADE till now and will continue till the existence of ALMIGHTY GOD. 

3. From now onwards LUCIFIER will investigate each phases and describes the other sides of the planet earth from HIS visions. 

4. Those who hate truth and just want to be a frog in a well can't understand the mighty ocean of ALMIGHTY GOD. It is a question that each one need to ask with himself, I AM I WITH ALMIGHTY GOD OR WITH MAN MADE GOD AND HIS CUSTOMS AND TRADITION. 

5. Till now each one on the earth is not directly associated with ALMIGHTY GOD but knows or recognises GOD only through their religion id. Anyone will say many things about their religion but got separated from it won't know what to say or speak. They derive their powers from their religion and not ALMIGHTY GOD. 

Finally the main intention of this post is to make each one aware and to know the truth. Instead of changing religion and accepting some unknown thing as God why don't each one try to find it by keeping all the religion aspects on one side. It is tough but not impossible because the coming years belongs to that person who knows no mercy and during his workings I don't think anyone would dare to question HIM or stop HIM because he is not a Saint but a ruthless truth sider and the most powerful slave of ALMIGHTY GOD and is named by GOD as SATAN. So it's the time to start following GOD ALMIGHTY Seriously than HIS sons saints stones and other bullshit things. You can recognise ALMIGHTY GOD in your good deeds, DO GOOD AND PROTECT YOURSELVES FROM THE MIGHTY SATAN. Because starts the judgement days, let's all start counting our sins from now onwards. 


  • so true, good job

    Dec 28, 2018

  • Ghost Jack

    Ghost Jack

    Ain't this interesting

    Dec 28, 2018

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