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At 8 p.m., we were still watching netflix, but then the tv started to change channels like crazy and making annoying noises and turn off, we try to turn it back on be we couldn't, then it started to be cold inside, and the lights started to play for a moment and turn off by themselfs, we use our phones to light up the place a bit, elena went to the bathroom because she was scared but to make sure we walk with her and watch her front and back like knights, she took a huge moment in, so we started to worry, but we didn't disturb her, then we heard a scream from the bathroom, it was elena, we try opening the door but we couldn't, then i kick the door and break it, good thing is i open it, but only to discover elena wasn't there anymore, then we heard her scream but through the walls of my house, so we try to run away, but doors were shut and the windows were unbreakable, which was strange because the windows could be easily be broken by a chait or small tables, so then he heard a noise in the wall from the kitchen, so we went there to discover the most disturbing thing, elena had been crucified on a pentagram upside down, her eyes were removed sho now her face was bloody, we scream like girls and run back to the living room and found out that the tv was back on but with a diabolical hand inside pointing at us, and then from nowhere a disturbing voice appear saying (how dare you to bring me to this world without offerings, you will pay for this, and evil laugh), the the hand started to get out of the tv, we run to my bedroom but the door was also shut, then we run back to the kitchen and grab some knives, and when we came back the hand wasn't in the tv anymore, so we scared and confuse then two hands from a wall grab mathew from legs and body, we scream, but the hand had break apart mathew with its bare hands, his blood and organs were all over my floor, he haven't stop screaming, we were disturb by all of this, then another pentagram had been draw in another wall and the hands put the rests of mathew in it, we run to my laundry, but another hand grab sebastian and crush him living a lot of blood in the floor, i scream and run to the laundry and hide behind the washing machine, and put some other stuff over me so whatever that thing was never could see me, but i know he knows where i am, he will come for me, Koggon will come for me, oh god, hes here, hes a dark being with horns and cloak, (where are you little boy, i know you here) bye to this world.


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    Dec 28, 2018

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