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Chapter 1


I'm going to skip introduction and go to the important part. My story starts with an old legend leading to to now.

Long ago their was two races ruled earth:


One day war broke out between the two races.

After long battle, the humans were victorious.

They sealed the monsters underground with a magic spell.

Many years later...



They're was an angel fallen underground. Using they're DETERMINATION they broke the barrier and set everyone free.

Few years later...

In Monster Town born so many half-breeds of humans and monsters. But there was one child who was a hybrid of an Monster, but not human.

Because when the monsters were still trapped underground, their was an haunting entity. An wondering spirit? An lost soul? A humanoid ghost? Nope, it was neither of those things.

Many years ago...

Before the angel.

An fallen child underground trying to saving the monsters by dying and letting the monster prince absorbed they're soul and pass through the barrier. Becoming an God-like being.

Afterwards they failed from gaining any other humans souls. They return to the barrier and die on the flower bed.

They're spirit were split in haft. Leaving one without a soul but a flower body. And for the other they have their soul but body to return to.

That soul is no longer human. It was transformed into something more hideous, an demon. And that demon was the child's mother. For the monster father he no longer dead or alive but in a plaid of none existence.

By this point, you might of already realized who I am talking about. And if you are really smart you'd also realized who's the hybrid child is.

(It was me, if didn't get all that.)

I don't how so don't ask me. But because of them I exist, that is only thing I know. I was born into a world alone, never knowing what is like to feel the warmth of another.

One day their was this monster kid. He was adored by everyone, I hated that main fact about him. So that night I'd lure him to an broke bridge, and I'd chocked him to death. Actually scratch that-- I didn't just chocked him but I also snapped his neck.

Then I heard voices, they sounded... creepy and yet familiar. I then saw two shadows, one having an giant red smile and eyes. The other one had white eyes, one eye looked different from the other.

Before I knew it, they're words started to cleared up to me and they're shadow bodies turn into something more visible. I rubbed my eyes, thinking that I'm seeing things. Apparently not, they're they were. My parents.

They said that they were proud of what I became. My mother was just gave me odd advice of how she put it 'Taking out the trash' which I mainly get when she started to not kill a monster ever again for some reason.

My father was talking about science and souls and how they work. In his talking of soul he would put tips about how to create an being out of two or more souls. I'd kind of found that weird because I don't how that would useful in the long run.

When the sun rises they disappear but said "Don't worry sweetheart. We will come back. But for now get rid of that body before anyone finds it okay. And hide your face so others will never know what you look like. Bye bye sweetheart, take care. 'LOVE' you" after that I did what they said. Because despite it all, they are still my parents.

And even if my mother sounds wacky, there was something in her voice that made me feel warm inside. So warm that it would make being burnt alive would feel ice cold. Knowing they were was still around and watching me, it was like a match lit my heart. It made me knew, they cared in way.

I hide my face with a paper bag and I cover my stained clothes with an huge green jacket with two yellow lines across the chest and waist. I happened to find in the trash.

While I was walking around I spotted an bucket full of free masks. Most of them were pretty... weird, but there was one of them that I liked particularly.

It was an skeleton mask, it had two large eyes holes, a painted small nose and there was huge smile painted on it. To be honest, the smile was the most noticeable of the entire mask itself.

I'd tried it on, and it was a perfect fit. The bonus was that the inside smelled like chocolate. I loved the mask and I still have it now, along with the chocolate scent.

While I was admiring the smell, someone crept up from behind me. I felt a boney hand on my shoulder, I hastily shook it off and turn towards the being that touched me. It was an actual skeleton, he wore a blue hoodie, black and white shorts and pink slippers. And for his face...

He literally looked the same as my mask; two large eyes holes, small nose and a huge smile. I didn't know if I'd should've ran or laughed at the fact his face looked so similar to my mask. But then he'd spoke before I could do anything.

"So... your the one. The one I've heard about." When he said that, I felt my sins crawling up my back. Did he know? Did he knew I killed monster kid? How? When? Is he... is he planning to kill me?!

After thinked of that, I ran like if the very ground was on fire. I didn't looked back, I was too afraid to. But in an blink of an eye, he was standing right in front of me.

I was running so fast that I couldn't stop in time. So I crashed right into him. I was terrified out of mind right there, there was no way could've escaped then.

"Woh buddy, calm down. Your literally shaking like leaf there kiddo. Chill, chill." I step away and took a breath of relief. By the way he was talking he wasn't after to kill me. It was only a misunderstanding, but what did wanted from me.

I then saw a woman in the distance, she looked a lot like my mother. But there was some appearance details that was so different from mother. She walked up to me with a warm, caring smile. Not like my mother's crazy, psychotic smile. Her eyes was a bit squinted but I could see she had normal brown eyes, not bright red eyes like mother.

She brought out her hand saying "Are you the child everyone calls a troublemaker? My name Frisk and the skeleton behind you is my husband Sans. What is your name?" Her voice was smooth and silky, like melting chocolate.

I was hesitant still, even to her kind approach. It true she is kind. But there was something missing, that spark of trust was just not there. She may be more lovely then my mother, but she is Not my mother. I just couldn't hear that warmth of my mother voice in her's.

I looked away and refused to take her hand. Her smile sort of faded a bit, she then looked at the skeleton and then back at me. She then hugged me, the first time I felt a different feeling. Something strange but yet so comforting. Immediately the memories of my mother holding me. Before I knew it, tears were forming down my mask. I'd hugged back, crying my heart out. I couldn't remember when I'd cried that much. It hurt inside but at the same time, I felt like the most happiest person in the whole world.

After... that. I was adopted by the nice woman and the skeleton. I got to warm up to them and eventually I'd called them mom and dad. But don't worry I still love my real parents, and like what they said they visited. I may or may not still kill people, but only humans, no monsters.

As I got older I was still a loner. Which wasn't that haft bad. I'd founded out that I like being alone. But it wouldn't hurt to have one friend. Oh well, who cares? As long I have my family, I'm happy.

Everything else is basically... whatever.





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