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It was a beatiful day outside, me and three of my friends were playing cards in a my backyard, my friend Elena was winning this round, we were bored to be honest, so we decide to put the cards away and tell scary stories, mine was boring because there was no much in my mind for a horror story, elena's story was good but not good enough, my other friend sebastian told a good one but he reveal it happen in real life, (boring), then my other friend mathew told a good story that i still picture in my mind, it was disturbing and we love it, then sebastian told us that there was an old abandoned house in the forest that was in front of my house, maybe two streets away to be clear, he told us that there was a witch living in that old house, a witch who had sold her soul to the devil itself through a ritual (of course), we didn't believe in him so we ignored him, so then we went inside my house to play vudeogames for the whole day, at 5 p.m. my mom told us to go outside to rest our eyes, but instead we took our vicicles and went to the forest to prove to sebastian that the old house was just abandones and with nothing more but old and useless objects, we left our vicicles in the front of the forest, so we start walking in, we had walk for 10 minutes until we saw the house, almost falling apart, so we went inside the old house, it was dark so we use our phones to light up the place just to descover disturbing things, pentagrams in the walls and and upside down crosses, spellbooks everywhere, and boxes with candles, jars, skulls (human skulls), and dead animals such as cats dogs and even heads of goats, in my back pack i save four jars and candles, an invocation book and nothing else, then from a window we saw a lady in a dirty dress with her face covered up by her dirty hair walking towards the entrance of the house, he went outside of the house through the back door quietly, then we saw that the women enter to the house and gave us a huge chance to run to get our vicicles and go home, now at 6 p.m. my mom left to the supermarket to buy some stuff, while me and my friends were watching netflix, now that we were alone, i show my friends what i stole from the old house, they were laughing, then i took out the invocation book and went through pages to discover a page without a picture of a demon called Koggon with a warning saying that this demon needed offerings of a living person, something we didn't believe, the invocation needed only two candles inside two jars and say the words outloud, (Koggon i call you from your dead sleep, koggon i invoke you to come to this world with my offerings to you, Koggon i invoke you), nothing happen by then, so we decided to burn every material i tookk from that house, at 7 p.m. me and my friends were still watching netflix, but rarely my tv turned off, i try to turn it on but it never work, then i try to call my mom but now there was no signal (what the hell its going on?) i thought in my head, then the lights were playing in my house until they turn off, my house was now a dark place, so we use our phones, elena went to the bathroom because she was a little bit scared, so me sebastian and mathew go to be outside.



  • its gonna be a lot disturbing the next part

    Dec 28, 2018

  • good

    Dec 28, 2018

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