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I got yo girl wanting me, saying that she free and she got a key finna give me a ride to her you died we so high we glide she so wet I slip and slide slide to slipping away from yo grasp so I can get that ass. Aye look yo boi finna cook got bitches in my books dudes catching my dukes and my hooks fucking her silly cute like a lily, pad you finna need it don't want kids if they come to said that it's SIDS I ladies giving me daisies and they crazy got me lazy making them do the work got powers like quarks cause they leave you dork I pop cherries like corks see a socket put a fork in it I got flow making me blow going on slow keeping it low blasting snow got dough you doh so, come at me dope acne all at me fuck on me look at me when you on me throw up the X he not coming down got you like a clown chilling on a cloud while I yell this anthem loud. 


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