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On the very next school days, the bell rang for first period but Hitomu dressed in his entire uniform doze off to sleep in the library.  Shen passed by the library entrance and saw Hitomu sleep. He thought should he wake up or not?!  He could not tell,so he went and shrug Hitomu shoulder. Hitomu accidentally fell out of his chairs. 

"Oh sorry, Hitmou. I just did not approach you."

"Maybe next time,let me wake up on my own."

 He said as his face looked at the hard surface,shen voluntary pick up Hitomu and dust off small particles on his friend uniform. He then moved to let Hitomu have his space.

"Thank you."

"No problem. "

So what brings you to me?" He asked When as he gather his backpack and placed all his materials inside of it.

"Well you did not return my call and then I got the next best playbook idea for karate team captain." 

"Really?!"' Hitomu said nonchalantly because he see how Shen face were infatuated with whole idea that he tend to not be all in. 

'Yes, takashi told me that  we must channel our inner gangster self and pretend, we fight each other.'


.." He Pretends to be amazed by the stupidy and observed when accordingly.  " That is the most cliche thing out there..."

"What. What do you mean?!" His friend seem lost. ' takashi knows all the girls. Besides i am not going to homecoming without date. This year be mines."

"And so it shall be but me.." He replied under his breath as he place his backpack on  his shoulder.  He made his way to class.

"Butt When did you giveup being popular with girls?!"

Hitomu looked back at When and giggled frankly ."I just did and I am sure with your green eyes and blonde hair that you have no problem get girls.

"Youu think soo." Shen squeaked passionately and Hitomu look away. He  then sighed hard.

'Yes. Your down to earth too mushy. We should lose the playbook anyways."

...i agree.." Shen compliance with Hitmou as he walks in the hallway with him to class. "Some poor kid may need better than us."

"HEY GUYS,I got the hottest idea from the football captain playbook.!"

Random nerd yelled out right after shen told Hitomu that some poor fool need the playbook better. All the nerd came talk to the particular boy.

Hitomu passed by them and went up the steps. "Did you say, some poor kid need the playbook?'

"Yes but It won't make him that lucky. "

"Jeez.." Hitomu fixed his collar and entered the door to second floor. He walked down the last door and stopped. "Anyways, my aunt need me to focus more on my studies and still technically into girls. I hit you up on the chatroom."

"I understand. My parents felt same way. It's mainly business to them anyways.  Chow.." 

Both of the boys went their separate ways and Hitomu reached his seat before late bell rang. He took out his notebook and start to jot notes down.he went back and thought about what his aunt say.

The early feudal era was before his time. So he must have dream off into place linked to his father side. It all made sense now. His great grandfather protect his people exchange for Hitomu born into this world. He cannot be ungrateful in that favor. Somehow his way of life is designed as this small town high school boy.

He may have once want to be a samurai or Lord to his people but his father and everyone else took that opporuntity before him. He wanders outside the window thinking about himself.

"The home coming court..." a grand parade celebrate high school socialite and of the elected kings,queen,princess.  Every year,there is a theme and the one dance girls dream to be queen...only if Hitomu finds a special date,he be his own king.

He daydream of the special day but blank out rest of the lecture. The bell ring to end class,he  snaps out of it and go downstairs to his math class on the first floor . He see Takashi and takashi smile at him.

"Hitomu Oolong, what pleasant face?!"

Hitomu smirked lightly ." Takashi san the prodigy student, how is the karate chopping lately?!"

"Is that small talk or you beg the PRODIGY for more help?" He rubs his chin as his mind spinning. 

"Actually I was just going to class.." Hitomu replied warmly as he flash his backpack at Takashi and takashi smirked...

"WHAT YOU THINK YOUR TOO GOOD FOR KARATE KID?!" HE shouts after Hitomu looked blank. Then pushed him up the wall, Hitomu gets irritated. 

"Listen buster, I am not into your rules sensei. I just want go class!!! " Hitomu tried to released himself from the grasp of takashi.  

"I suppose you think you get your street credit by play mr. Cool guy..!" 

His grey cold eyes scan the hallway and it fill up with students watch them. He turn back to hitomu. "Now you wouldn't want to cause a scene  here. "

"I think your the one whom start it.." Hitomu replied malicious as he seen with his right eyes girls seem to be scared or gossip about him now be a weak loser. 

"Let me go. Let me endure my pathetic life .It had no meaning to you anyways. "

"AWWW..." TAKASHI pity Hitomu heroic attempts and punches him in the stomach and everybody sighs out of shocked. "Your pathetic and loser..."

He drops Hitomu down on the floor with his dry strong hands and Hitomu spit out blood from his mouth. Some girls get closer to Hitmou. "Are you ok?!"

I  am..."he muttered as he looks up at the girls and they step back in frightens. He gets up and slower, the late bell rings. The crowd scammer to classroom doors. 

"Crappp..." Hitomu runs to the boy bathroom and wash his face. He then wash his hands and dries it.  He looks back at the mirror. 'I  Cannot deal with this jerk. I got to stay away from it all!!!"

He left and go enters the math room. He's mark late and kept his attention  on the lecture all hour long. He even pay attention to this one girl with short brown hair and green eyes answer question in class. He want to ask her for help but she might be scared of him too. So he let the class bell end class and heads to the cafeteria, he grabs a red tray go in line.

There he sees upperclassmen females gossip about lot stuff .His eyes look away from the voluptuous and petite woman by the wall. He was next in line to grab his hot plate and fruit. He kept walk then find him seat by the window. 

"Hehh.." He takes out his blue phone with a keychain attach to it. He seen message from her again. She be late again,he thinks to himself. He pulls his phone back into his phone pocket. Then reached for his soda out of his backpack,a group of upperclassmen came to him.

"Aye sunny?!" 

"Yes..." He looks up and pop top off his can soda. He watch's the gang real closely. "Yeah  what you want?!"

"Your lunch." They said in unison and Hitomu light bulb  click in his mind: "Nothing but bunch of riffraff always pick on the out cast. I show them.."

"Sure,go ahead."

The one upperclassmen in the group grabs Hitomu tray and Hitomu smirked at the rest as he picked up an Apple and hold it.

"Hey what's so cheeky,boy?!" Said the tallest member as he realize Hitomu look at him strange. Hitomu bites into his Apple and nods his head.

"Oh nothing."

The group started to depart Hitomu table and they turn their backs with hitomu"s tray and Hitomu targeted the other member sharply. "I got you now.!"

He throws the Apple at the tray and the tray fell down on the ground. The food became wasted and it upset the upperclassmen. They look back but hitomu hid himself near the heavy silver trashcan. 

"Hey did anyone catch who throw that apple?!" The gang member with short brown hair hollered as he rubs off food remains. The students in the cafe all seem clueless and start back talking to each other. 

"That loser a chicken, marty!"said the shortest upperclassmen as he opens the cafe door and his pals left the tray on the ground.

" Don't worry hal, we beat him to the pulse soon than later. " 

"Yeahh, what kind of man run from his own beating?!' Hal laughs as all of them walks out of the school doors. Hitomu looks up and moved away from trash can.  He drank rest of his soda and throws away till his eyes met with another female stare at him .

"Heh can I help you?" He asked the girl and she folds her arms. He looked lost what the girl with long blue hair and semi brown eyes wanted. "Whattt?!

"You started this mess,so please clean up . "

"Excuse me, I don't know who you are?! He chanted raving at the female and builds up a crowd around them. He gets hot red in the face.

"It does not matter, your responsible for it. Clearly you do not except sweet old lunch lady who serve good meal clean it!".

Hitomu soft red lips let out a exhale as he seen everyone stare at him. He roll his eyes and kneels down to get his tray. He put on top of the trashcan.

"Heh whatever..overly dramatic chic." He said under his breath and go get long piece of white paper towel from the lunch lady . He went back and kneels down to clean pile of food up .

"For what it worth, you done your best to not be bullied. I Am not champion you for the mess..."

"I clearly do not know you and I never expect anythn  from you.." He sighs as he gets up and his red brown eyes met hers . He studied her and then throws the trash away.

She breathe slow after their little encounter and right before he leave she stops him. "Ohh thats good to hear..I am not defend you anyways.."

Hitomu giggles with a smile and girls fallen over it. He could not stop giggling. He covers his mouth and clear his throat. He look up at her with cheerful tears pour out of his eyes.

"It is okay.."

The girl was stunned by his remorseful or slightly  reaction. She looks back at the girls who seem puzzle too. She just pits her hand up at him.

"Ok are you bipolar or something?!"

Hitomu grabs a piece of tissue from his pocket. He didn't realize he forgot to throw away in the bathroom earlier. So he wiped his eyes with it. Then he tossed in the trash.

"No i am not but I have  not had laugh in while. I  better get going tooo.." 

He walks off in the direction of the hallway and the girl stood their slow. Her friends came up to her and ask her bunch of question.

"What..no!" She gossip on. "I did not know he had feelings. Maybe he go through somethings but still his eyes show me tenderness moment in his life."

"Oh did you caught his name?" One other girl said as they watch him walking further. 

'No but i am  not interest in him." Haijuru Akastune replied.

"You do  not have to be but word around corner is he may need a friend."

"Koko ,stop try to hook me up with charity cases. "

"NO NO..he need a friend. He lonely. "

"Koko,your too investing.." said haijuru Akatsune "enough "

"Fine, at least ask for his name."

"Alright.." haijuru agreed as she walks over to Hitomu and she taps on his shoulder. He looks back and he turns to the female attention. 

"It's you again..' 

"Yes," said haijuru Akastune 'I just want to catch your name before you go."

He seem shocked and flatter by request for the first time. He rubs his brown hair. "Ohh Iiiiii am not anyone important. I rarely get request like that.."

"What..?!' She flabbergasted and shook her head. " look I just know your name for future preference. "

"Ok..its Hitomu Oolong..."

"Wait tthhee Oolong  from the Oolonmgg.mmm!" She mumbled off into her voice and  he smirks s little.


"It cannot be, your not related to the theee great samurai ...".

"I wish I was lie but I am not. "

"Oh Lord's..." haijuru freeze and passed out on the floor.  He looks at her and thinks"girls these days are strange creatures.." He looks for haijuru friends and they came run to her rescue. He quickly was out of their sight. They fanned down haijuru  and pick her up go to the nurse office .

Meanwhile the bell rang for third period and Hitomu changes to his gym clothes meet up with Kazuki.  He raid a smile on his face as Hitomu except he would. 

"Hey look who finally interest in gym now?!"

"Shut up, Kazuki. "

"Chill, I want crash your style.."

"Style..." Hitomu look flustered as he closed his gym locker and straight his gym white shirt and blue shorts " What you are talking about?"

"Well the upperclassmen  female told me about your little fight in the cafe?"

"Fight, no I just given the jerks their food and little bit of my fiery..." said Hitomu as he demonstrates his kung fu and Kazuki burst out laughing.

"Ok whatever. You have these girls posses with mixed emotions. "

"Whatabout them..?" He inquired as they walk together  to the gym door lead to the main room. All their other classmates stretching and running laps.

"Don't you want them to feel just right about you?!"

..."Kazuki it not my concern right now. I  need to figure out my messages sending.."

"Like what?! " he said as he puts his fragile hands on his hips and made Hitomu kind of awkward. He look away and recalled his memory.

"First I act cold then I cry. Today, I laugh front of a girl.'

"That's good. Your finally open up to least one female. What's her name?! He exclaimed excitingly and Hitomu blushes red . His self has not figure out,what it means to be so over whelm around that girl. He all bubbled up with feelings.

"Heh haijuru.." He says slowly and think top of his head..

"Wait haijuru Akastune 3rd year talk to you. " Kazuki asking Hitomu bluntly. 

"Yes.." He said as he hears his gym coach whistle being  blown and they go to the floor do pushups.

" that Is awesume because she was ex girl friend to takashi. "

"....ok..didnot want to know that.."

"Anyways it could mean,you like her. "

"Kazuki,stop tripping.." He said as he gave him a knucklesandwhich with his  knuckle.."besides she didn't know I am related to the great samurai all times.."

"Heh well..take it easy get into trouble.." Kazuki gets up and rub his grey black hair but then second whistle blow .The boys had to climb ropes fast and then splits up for dodgeballs. After that the bell ring to end class, Hitomu got some water from the fountain in the hallway.

He wiped  his mouth from the water and saw shin walk passed with groups of girl. He watch's shin wave at him and then shin headed outside . He huffed and look at Kazuki. 

"Kazuki,  what's up?" He asked because he seemed the boy grinned down at each other.  He placed his hands on Kazuki shoulder and Kazuki  brush it  off.

"Do not ever  do that  .ok?!  The  boy blue eyes spooked Hitomu and he stepped back. Kazuki continues to watch shin talk to other female. 

"Ok what is up  with you and shin?!"

Kazuki played off as he heard nothing being said.  Hitomu frowns and Kazuki sighed 'Your emotion  changed because your all in people problems. That's what wrong with you.."

"And you have problem with  Shin.."

"No.." the boy said as  he started to walk away and  Hitomu studied both of them. He follows Kazuki continuesly.

"So your emotional and a stalker.." Kazuki said as he stops walking then look at Hitomu strangely. Hitomu looks off in the other way and whisper. "We are classmates not friend. Besides  i  and shin were at odd long time ago..."

Hitomu  sighed." I know that but shin my friend."

"Your friend since you moved here."


"Soo what is your point?!' He hollered at Kazuki.  " jeezish."

"My point is..you do not know him  like I do. He could cause harm to you.." 

"Harm.." Hitomu had that sympathic warm glow on his face as he thinks about shin. He remembers that shin play around too much and maybe  little rough. He never caused harm. Him,shin and Sao were a quad of their own. So what could Kazuki talk about?

"I do not understand you at all." 

"Precisely why you should not steer away from shin and do not attempt to truth about him.." Kazuki said coldly as he walks away and Hitomu is lost with Kazuki warning. He tried to say something more. He could not and he punches the wall.

" First theses girls and now Kazuki leaked warning to me. I  have no idea..what to do with this?" He cried and grabs his phone from his pocket but Kazuki warning still replay in his head . He puts his phone away and runs off to the baseball field outside. He leans on the fences quietly.

"It's like the more I be normal,nobody  taken it. Now my friendship is all confusing.." 

He stares up at the sky "if I go sleep,I am pretty sure I slip into another time and place. Already, my aunt and the,girl reminds me of characters in my sleep. It could not hurt me that much to learn more truth to where my mind takes me next..."

He gets up from the fence and jogs to his aunt apartment. He reaches the front door and locks it,when he gets inside. He leaves his backpack by the front door and go to his room. Ending his day by tossed his body on the bed.

"Okk, maybe in my sleep..I  find answers ." He said optimistically  he closed his eyes and prepared himself for adventure of a  lifetime.

End of episode 3


  • Dec 31, 2018

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