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2019 might be the most confusing year because those who are well versed in the astronomical science can predict that this year has something unusual from its previous year. This year might either end up with lots of expectations or else might bring those shut down assignments come alive because this year is a very powerful year for both good and bad elements but no one knows who gets more or less.

Actually the number 9 is too confusing for it has both good and bad things associated with it. This number gives access to both the elements in it but still has an upper hand on evil. It has to be seen whether good can triumph or not.

Remaining numbers 201 aren't that much disturbing if we we take 2019 in ascending it is 0129 and in descending it is 9210, it can also be taken as 10 9 and 2 separately but of all the calculations this 9 creates both positive and negative vibe it depends upon how and in what ways the coming year uses the number pattern. If anything as to happen it should happen within max 2 months. If not everything will be fine and nothing to worry. 


  • Oh boy what of those who are innocent

    Dec 28, 2018

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