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Merry Christmas everyone! It’s Kid P.I.T again. I hope ya’ll had a wonder CHRISTmas. And no I’m not ashamed that I said Merry Christmas instead of happy holidays. I absolutely do not like it when someone says happy holidays instead of Merry Christmas. Don’t take Christ out of Christmas. I don’t know if people realize when someone says “Xmas” there still saying Christmas. The “X” in Xmas comes from the Greek word Χριστός or Christós which in english is Christ. So hah! Take that people who think they’re xing Christ out of Christmas by saying Xmas when there actually still saying Christmas. Anyways my point is Jesus is the reason for the season, granite Jesus was supposedly not born in December but we picked a day to celebrate His birthday and we must not forget that. Now I won’t get into the meaning of the word Christmas it has a little bit of a history and its just better if you looked it up yourself it would just take to many words. But please if you believe Jesus was born and that He is the son of God then please don’t take Christ out of Christmas. IMG_20181223_135544_241



I know todays blog was short I just wanted to remind people that Jesus Christ is the reason for the season. Not Santa,  presents, trees, cookies, or even food, but Jesus and Jesus only. Don’t forget to like this blog, share it and follow me. Also I have an Instagram under the same name and a Snapchat. Merry CHRISTmas and God bless.


  • I agree, it's silly to worry about it. Celebrate the holidays how you want to, but don't disrespect how others celebrate.

    Dec 27, 2018

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