6 Candles Sneak Peak Read Count : 13

Category : Adult

Sub Category : Horror

Story 1 :  Chp1 / 2 . The beginning / A day to Remember .

..... Written : Jodi haynes


Horror stories always begin with a house or any kinda way but never showed you how schools can have significant teenagers and religions kids beware to pray for . Well here's a story that connects alot of lose ends til it's final story. 



Little sweet caring but unease Raven Hoffman just caught her boyfriend having sex with the head cheerleader of the College academy ( Brock Isaac Studies Academy ) just a college campus outside New Orleans . While caughting her boyfriend cheating during a wonderful teen party Raven decides to rush down stairs and drink alot of Alcohol out of a tank of mixed and strong Alcohol. Afterwards she immediately throws up and starts cheer yay bitches! Later after the party Raven and her friends decieds to go to there rooms but unfortunately Raven's friends Celica , Eve and Branda leaves Raven infront of the outside door and runs away laughing and goes back to another party . Raven and her drunk ass goes into her bedroom sitting on her bed crying til the clock stikes to 3 Am . Just from outside the campus the dogs starts crying . Raven goes out to go to the Vending-Machine to get herself a little treat putting in a coin and selects a Chocolate . The Vending-Machine stops and the lights starts flickering madly out of nowhere Raven sees a man or woman in black form of suit with a mark of eyes dripping blood and horns ontop of the mask with white gloves and a knife dripping blood down to the floor standing by the corridor corner staring at her . She ask if the person wants help that was until she hears the responds of the person screaming like a horror movie demons Possesion a human and for that she made a run for it . She looks back while running and she the person is chasing her . Gladly she rans to her room lock the door and locks herself in the bathroom , she tries to call 911 but no signal . She goes and look in the mirror scared . She hears banging from the front door and scream and cries til she breath coldness out of her mouth til the lights went off and just as it turned back on she seems her face white and a spider crawl out of her mouth and black slum out of her eyes nose and her eyes is just pure white . She screams and then again the lights flicker and then goes back to normal her face is normal but apparently she didn't make it . The girl or boy in the costume that Chase her and stab her in the neck and stab her plenty of times in the chest . Later the morning her friends came home with terrible headaches til they found hair and blood and teeth laying on the ground in a shape of a Satanic Pentagram . Eve , Branda and Celica calls the police and the Dean of Studies . The detectives do investigations on the blood and it's proof to be Raven's blood but since the Mystery is unsolved police reports the case as foul play and just report her as missing . Later still til now she's missing and still has never been found . 


4 years later her brother Logan goes to the same campus and meets friends and a few family there and belives that his sister isn't dead til one faithful night Logan sees his sister and we'll learn that she isn't dead but there is more to the story 😈.

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And this is only the introduction of the story and the information.  


  • This is only the introduction and the information of the story . we'll learn more of what happens with her .

    Dec 27, 2018

  • Erica Renee

    Erica Renee

    the font is so small i can't read it 😕

    Dec 28, 2018

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