The Apocalypse M (Sneak Peak) **NEW BOOK** Read Count : 8

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"What in the frosty spikes in caves was...THAT!?" The noise still in her presence. "Hello? Is somebody there??" The shadow creeps within the darkness. Waiting for the PE-R-R-R-FECT, time to...REVEAL ITSELF TO THE WOMAN, IN THE FADED LIGHT! Behold in her point of view, nothing was right. Nothing,...was... right. After 5 minutes of the woman repeating the same act of calling out to it, she changed. The shadow... It was angry, but not at her in particular. But at the dead silence after a high pitch scream of the woman's beloved soul.

                    The Shadow's Enemy...Tesha... Killed The Woman...

"You readers might be confused now, but you won't be later..." ;)


  • From the **NUMBERS** A-Z, how confused does this "sneak peak" & this comment make you? lol. Hope you're excited. :)

    Dec 27, 2018

  • Great hook. Im confused and want answers. In a community that reads and writes, you guarenteed my attention.

    Dec 27, 2018

  • Good app

    Dec 27, 2018

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