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My life was a broken trail of tears and blood wrap in the eyes of the deceiver who wanted to harm me at his best. It was rather the obvious that he wanted me to fail and leave me in the dark of it all. Like many this man the misery of himself to give onto to the others like his life wasn't nothing. Wanting to take advantage of others but yet over empowered by the way the spirit kept going through it all  like ashes the things given upon hurting it burned the one emotion unsaid by the one thing that has been given to hurt. Like this life was blood burned inside the storm that is being brought upon the spirit of the broken who suffered but dare itself is make a puppet out of wood and strings. Like this he kept the  two things he thought love him turned out to hate him when he. Manage to get the one thing embrace him to feel the pressure and pain in the whole point of leaving the life of lessons broken by the one thing hurting. Couldn't figure out why he was never needed and never hurt from to begin with In the end.


  • excellence

    Dec 27, 2018

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