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So this all started in December 2018.Me and my family were going to Six Flags Over Texas,Zfor the very first time!So my mother had my dad give her directions to enter the amusement park,I guess you can say that wasn't the best idea it took us 3 times to enter the park.So when we entered the first thing we all saw was the Pirate Ship,I rode it with my mother but since I am much smaller than my mother and they had the lap bars for two people to sit in together and we don't have a single lap bar for the two people to have like one person has a lap bar and the other one has one also to there self.No not for us it was one single lap bar so I screamed like a eagle losing control so I kept on sloping everywhere.Then also I don't want this to long so at the end for the last ride we did a Run Away Mine Train ride again no lap bar for one person it was just like the ship ride so I went on with my dad it was for all ages so I thought "okay this is for everyone no problem" No! At the beginning it was all nice and cozy until the end! It speeds up I was holding on for dear life but my dad was holding me tightly even though I'm only *not saying young age*I was still pretty old for all the other coasters I cried on that one I had a reason alright! I was almost flying out my seat!!!so I guess this is the end I'll make another one soon.


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