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Chapter 1

My Hate

I am an shinobi of the hidden leaf. Before I was here, my life was absolute hell. When I was born, their was this wondering spirit. This spirit lives through life after life, like recreation if may. I was chosen by this spirit and given these powers. But all good has cost, having this power means I can't show emotion. That wasn't even the worst part.

When I was about three years old, I was kidnapped by these scientists. They 'researched' me. And found out the sores of my power, my left eye. They literally took my eye do experiments on it and then place it back in my eye socket. So that I can test it out. Those times are only full of pain and suffering.

They put me in a cage down deep uunderground one would hear me scream. Feed me food that will have some kind drug to put me to asleep. At all of them, there was only one person that was kind and caring. He gave me actual food, not just that he would teach how to read and write all the time.

His name was Rick, well that's what I remembered. One night June the fifth, he helped me escape and got me home safely. But because he was part of the scientists that kidnapped me he was thrown into prison for life.

I'll never forget what he done for me.

The rest of four years were the greatest in my life. Been home, with my mother and my father and my older brother.

My brother name was Māwhero, I used to look up to him. He was the best older brother I will ever have. Well until that night.

It was late, I was rushing home with some groceries for dinner. When I got to gate of my local area, the first this I saw was... dead bodies lining on the ground headless. I hear screaming towards my house, and I ran avoiding every dead corpse I pass. I didn't care about, I was only thinking about my family safety.

When I got there. I saw my mother and father cut down by Māwhero. As I saw that happening, I SNAPPED .

I'd saw my mother katana laying on the bloody floorboards. I reached for it, and aimed it at my brother. He turn around towards me with evil smile on his face.

"Why? Why did you do all of this for? What did you think you'll achieved by murdering our entire tribe?!" He only laughed like he lost all humanity.

With sigh he creepily said "Oh dear sister. Don't you see? Their was no reason. All I did this, was for nothing. I only did this realize I wasn't going to be the next chief of the tribe. And if I don't get to be chief, no one will!" At this point Māwhero eyes and hair colour changed into pink.

I couldn't control myself, before I knew it. I was trying to kill my brother. I failed of course, he almost killed me. But he didn't, the inane stage slowly faded away. He was then acting normal, Māwhero explained that I had to run away and never come back.

I then finally realized that it wasn't he who killed everyone. It was an evil spirit who was controlling him. As much it hurt me, I listened to him and gathered some supplies along with my father red scarf, my mother katana and a promise. A promise that I'll save my brother from this curse even if it ends me. I will save my brother. Every since that day, I was and now I still am afraid the colour pink.

I was homeless for five months, until I bumped into theses bandits who taught me how to steal and how to be a great smooth talker. They also taught me what to do if I hit trouble. They call them selfies the junkies. I'd stayed with them for year, it was something I couldn't subscribe. I felt warm and relaxed, almost like when I was with my family. But this different, I can finally be myself.

After we parted ways, I gone to train. And slowly I better and better. One day I bumped up with this rogue ninja. His glare was cold and empty. His name was Slayer, I knew it was some made up name but I went a long with it. He was a skilled swordsman and he was even trying to take my mother katana. I immediately attacked him for that. At the end he made me his pupil. I learned all sorts of sword fighting techniques. I stayed with Slayer two years, long enough to gain my own bounty. Lucky me...

Slayer died from an illness. I carry his brooch of him and his family. They're probably happy to see him again. Slayer was an grumpy baster, but he was an also honorable man. For that it was an honor being his pupil, even if he was an outlaw.

As I traveled, I'd bumped into a group of leaf shinobi. Who are after my bounty, how can this get any better. I meet this young man with silver hair. His head band covered one of his eyes and he wore a mask that conceal haft of his face. The others were merely childs play, but him. He was an throne in my side.

No matter I did, I couldn't lose him. I could have fought with him but if I did then that will give them more reason why they want to catch me so badly. I was getting tired, and I smack dab against a tree and felled to the ground. I woke up in an hospital bed, I got checking I have all my things. Luckily I did.

After relieving, I noticed the man from before was standing in the corner. I hide in the blanket with my katana in the ready. He lazily rises his hands in surrender, I poke my face out the blanket trying to see what is planning.

He slowly walks over towards me. I instantly stood out of the blanket with my katana haft way out. The man stopped and took an step backwards. I took a step back as well revealing my sword little by little. Until I noticed there was an open window behind me, I close my katana and simply fell out of the window. The man rush with a shock look on his face. As he reached to grab me, he fails and I ended up falling six or eight kilometers high off the ground.

Before I hit the ground, I managed to use my power and teleport myself on the rooftops of houses. I turn back seeing the silver hair man confused. I sort of smirked a little.

After what felt like hours, I mapped out most of the hidden leaf village. And I know multiple exits. Before I leave I have to gain supplies for my next journey. I walked in the crowd unseen pickpocketing some people. When I got every thing I needed, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turn my head to see him again.

"Now where do you think your going?" He said to me. I shake off his hand of my shoulder and gave the money to the shopkeeper.

"What do you want from me? I never harm you, so why don't you leave me alone? Oh by the way, don't touch me. Your creepy..." The man froze at that last insult, as I walk away he finally reacted but he lost me in the crowd. While I was walking, I accidentally bumped into this person, it was an kid my age. He had black hair and blue clothing, his face was charming. But his eyes were cruel and heartless. It was obvious he only cared about himself. So I scoffed at him as walked away.

He was surprised at my reaction, but didn't care. Pretty boy full of himself, how pathetic. He then hold me by the arm and said "Who are you? I never seen you before. Where did you come from?--" this goes on, if he dosen't let me go that masked man will find me. Out of aeration I wacked his hand off of me and growled "Get off of me and leave me alone. Your so annoying..." the boy was absolutely shocked of that. So I ran away when I had the chance.

The man found me, again. This time he didn't let me react and just drag me to some tea shop. When we got there, he places me on a set. And on the other side of the table in front of me. Was the Hokage, the leader of the whole entire village is sitting in front of me. I can't run away now, even I want to there guards all around us. I can't escape.

"You been storming up a ruckus as hearing, is that true." He spoke in an calm matter. I knew I should've been smart, but I just couldn't help it. I then responded with.

"Well... you have been tracking me for awhile and checking my behavior. And now you finally got me where you want me. And if I have to be honest, not only I got your attention. I'm actually speaking to The Hokage of the hidden leaf village in person. I'm both honored and flattered from this, meetings like this doesn't just happen to anyone after all." I should've hold my tongue, but even so. I didn't regret any word I said to him at all.

Some of the guards were actually frustrated by this. But the Hokage prevented that to pass. I knew I was doing and I was fully aware what the consequences were. It was just I can't help but mess up with him a bit, just a little bit would been fine. Don't blame me, blame the junkies they made this way.

"I see your the cocky type." The Hokage remark. I couldn't help but smirk when I said "how can I be cocky, when I don't have one?" And I swear one of the guards wanted to kill me. The Hokage started coughing when I said that too. I tried everything within me to not burst out of laughter.

He cleared his throat and spoke again, I obviously tell how hard he's trying to not yell at me. "Please... may you take this more seriously." I point his gaze away embarrassment. I just giggled saying "Sure. I would gladly talk more seriously... when I'm not still ten year old girl!" After that I couldn't hold back my laughter. That when one of the guards took me by my scarf and lifted off my feet.

"You disrespectful little brat! How dare you speak to Lord Hokage so ill-mattered! Have your parents taught you nothing?!" The guard was wearing tacky ninja uniform and he had a ugly bandana around his head with creepy black glasses. 


One: do you really believe we'd be here where we are if my parents were still alive?

Second: it's true he may be your Hokage. But he's not mine.

And lastly: do not touch the SCARF!"

I grabbed his wrist and started crashing it. The loser screamed in pain and immediately let me go. The idiot actually tried to throw a punch at me, which I easily dogged and tripped him while I at it.

I stared at the Hokage and asked him "Is this guy really a shinobi?" Pointing at the fool on the floor. He only turn away frowning of shame and disappointment. We continue talking to each, most of it was just me being stupid.

We then made a deal, I'll give any information I have on the nations and any near by villages. While let me stay here in the leaf protected from any bounty hunters and become an actual ninja of the village.

And that how I became an shinobi of the hidden leaf. There are more stories. For now that will be all.





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