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[Sunday, 20XX 12:05 p.m.]

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I don't remember how long its been since I've seen another human being. Only reminants of friends and family remain on this craft. 

My ships boosters have stopped working.

Resources are starting to run out even with very strict conservation. Stranded In the biggest ocean ever. I don't think I'll be found, at least not by anyone from earth.

All I have with me are broken tools, air tanks which will last me for quite a while more, and ration. I am doing what I can, but can only do so much with what I have. Solitude is much more painful than I could imagine. So wheneve I can, I would sleep it off.

Sometimes I would have dreams, and I would dream about my friends, shaking their hands, sharing drinks together at the nightbar here, and joking to and about one another. I remember one dream, Todd, Jenn and I were floating outside in space without our oxygen suits. Todd would take his shirt off and demand we do the same or he would fly over here and round house kick us both all the way back to puberty. Me and Jenn would be laughing soo hard and daring him to do it. He would try over and over again and fail everytime. It was hilarious and mood lifting to see them again.

But sometimes, I would dream about Suzie. I'd see her beautiful smile everyday, and we'd exchange kisses here and there, and cuddle at night against the cold darkness outside. Just yesterday I had this dream about her. We were cuddling at night, I'd be the big spoon and she would rest her head on my chest. She looked up at me and with those beautiful eyes and tired voice and say 'I love you too, but its time to wake.' I turned to look at the clock. 52:96 mnm. I turn back to her, 'but its not time to...' She is gone. I could have sworn that I held her a moment ago, but could no longer feel anyone here as I transitioned from dream to waking life without even realizing it. Was it a dream, or a memory?

It made me miss them soo much, Long Arm Todd, Nerdy Jenn, and My sweet Suzie.

Its so sad that I don't even have any real memories of our time together on earth anymore, not even on this ship. How did I meet them again. How did I get here? I could think for hours and hours, but only darkness is in my thoughts now.

I guess to anyone who finds this, you'll have made it back hopefully. Back to cozy beds and warm blankets. Back to real friends and to your beloveds. 

I never thought it would end like this. Seeing everyone else go first before my time is up. But I won't give up.

I'll do whatever I can to make it back safe.

I don't want to die alone hidden behind stars. 

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