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    I just want to start with Merry Christmas. Even if this isn't the holiday you celebrate, if it isn't then Merry Being Alive and Sharing Your Gifts With the World Day to all whether you celebrate Christmas or not.

    I haven't been with this community for long, and I haven't even considered writing on my own for long, but everyone here is super supportive. Most communities have that one person or group to spoil the lot, but everyone here is apart of probably the best community to ever exist. No spoilers of the lot.

    Christmas is the time of giving but not the only time. Whether you realize it or not, each and every one of us as humans, give and add to someone else's life. The greatest gift I've been given this year is you guys, I'm always happier writing with you guys and I love reading what you write. It's inspiration, something I normally lack. Thank you guys for all that you've given me.


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    Dec 26, 2018

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