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When she walked towards me I was mesmerized. Her green eyes seemed so full of light and the sparkled beneath her blond hair with hints of red streaked through it. I almost took a step back from her when she came to a stop barely a foot from me. Her approach was bold. She swelled into my presence smelling of strawberries and her smile was radiant and took my breath away. 

"Can you show me how to get to the Riverwalk from here?" she asked. 

"Of course. It would be my pleasure." I was excited to be able to help her. That it was something I could easily assist her with made me incredibly happy. I had been standing at the corner of Zack and Twiggs Street,  a very busy pedestrian intersection in Downtown Tampa, Florida. My job as a guide for the Partnership is an awesome appointment. My task is to basically help people all day,  and though it is a very common question people ask on my assignment, I have never been approach with such an obviously open receptiveness. She was standing all over me, it seemed. Very close! In fact,  she was filling my space all the way up with her presence. 

I stepped back not sure how to handle it and gestured for her to follow me. She smiled some more and began to ask me all kinds of questions about my job,  then about me. I was totally flattered and drawn to her attention like a moth to flame. I answered freely and didn't hesitate to share my story. I found out later that one of my coworkers had already told her a great deal about me and the whole "damsel in distress" was just a sham for her to get close to me. 

I fell for it hook line and sinker. As we approached the Riverwalk I pointed the way out to her a little sad that my task was over,  but as I was getting ready to leave, she asked me for my phone number! I could feel every nerve in my body light up with a giddy joy. This had never happened to me before. 

Just to make it plain. I am a virgin. It's a long story,  but to give this the emphasis it needs; why it would so totally rock my world that a girl would ask me for my number,  now you know. It has never happened to me before. 

I gave it to her and tried very hard to sound casual, but inside I was floating. I felt like a balloon,  full of air, heart pounding, and feather light. 

I walked back to Twiggs Street I thought of all the things I could have or should have said and was beating myself for saying the things I did say. Still, the bottom line was,  she liked me. At least I thought so at the time. 

The day passed and I continued my route,  my mind was still stuck on her. Through the whole week I couldn't stop thinking of her and never failed to search through the crowds as I did my rounds hoping to see her face. I was pretty sure it was just a fluke until Thursday night, like 6 six days later I got a text from her. 


"Nothing,  just laying here watching reruns of The Voice on YouTube. S'sup?"

"Really? I love that show! I was wondering if you'd like to come have a fireball with me."

I though about it for a couple of minutes but had to confess my ignorance and ask,  "What is a fireball?"

"OMFG! you don't know what Fireball is? You've  got to come over and try it! Tell me you'll come." Her text matched so perfectly the bubbly personality I had met and I was thrilled beyond words to accept. 

"What is your address?" I wrote back. 

It was only a matter of seconds and her address popped up in my window and I couldn't help it, but I went through an entire rainbow of emotions in like two minutes. I got dressed,  grabbed my keys,  cigarettes and wallet and shot out the door. I was surprised to discover that she lived only ten minutes from my house. My heart pounded like crazy the closer and closer I got. In my mind I was already calculating future rendezvous. 

"I'll wait for you by the school. It's right before you turn off to my street. You can't miss it", she texted. And sure enough,  just before her turnoff the Wembly High School,  Home of the Ravens, was there to the right and with a plastered grin on my face I pulled onto the side of the road. 

Like a dream come true she turned the corner and hustled over to the passenger side of the car. I quickly unlocked it and pushed the door open for her. I was just thinking that I should have gotten out of the car and opened it for her but before I could pursue the thought she said,  "Let's go."

"Where do you want to go?" I asked. 

And she replied, "Just drive,  it doesn't matter." 

She pulled out a small bottle of liquor, "Fireball" She opened it,  took a healthy pull from it and passed it to me. 'So,  Fireball is a drnk'.  I remember thinking to myself.  I stuffed all warnings from my mind. In truth, every alert and internal alarm went immediately off,  but here I am,  in the car,  an incredibly beautiful woman sitting here next to me,  and fuck it, I took the bottle and took as deep a pill from it as she did. 

"Holy Shit!" I managed to choke out of me between coughs. It tasted just like a hotball jawbreaker, only with an alcoholic pinch. 

I drove all over as we downed it and we laughed and sang stupid songs and at one point,  while we were stopped at a red-light, she took my hand and pulled it over onto her thigh. I was just processing the feel and texture of having her flesh in my hand when she leaned up and kissed me. The two sensation piled together. It pulled an involuntary groan out of me. I didn't even know I had done it except she laughed and drew away,  closing her legs to trap my hand between her thighs. The light turned green and I punched the gas. 

She laughed and laughed,  though I couldn't see what was so funny, until she asked me why did I groan like that. I just looked at her. Maybe I was blinking,  maybe it was obvious I didn't know what to say,  whatever - out of nowhere she asked,  "Can I drive?"

I drove a 2005 Mustang GT. It is an awesome machine, full of power and sweet on the curves. It was my dad's car before he passed away and when I got out of prison my mom gave it to me. Under normal circumstances I wouldn't have said yes,  but this wasn't a normal situation and my emotions were boiling and my hunger so totally alive I barely hesitated before I pulled into the 717 parking lot and got out. 

She climbed behind the wheel and punched it. I was pressed into the seat by the force and looked over at her. She was smiling like crazy and out of nowhere she gave an earsplitting whoop of joy. I couldn't take my eyes off of her and my hand could still feel the heat of her thighs.  I wanted to place my hand there again.  I want to feel all of her under my hands. I thought the drink's name accurately described everything I felt with her beside me.  As we came to a stop light the car roared through it and I freaked out a little. 

"Hey! You just ran a red-light!" I shouted. 

She only laughed again and turned left on 22nd Street. Two things happened at once. First,  I realized she had just turned the wrong way down a one-way street,  and second, the light of a cop car which had been parked on the street facing us blared into existence. 

We passed in front of him and he pulled in behind us and hit his siren. She pulled over,  unbuckled her seatbelt and told me to switch places with her. I was still processing the fact that the cop had pulled us over but had the presence of mind to realize that he had a spot light trained on the car and that we were easily visible to him. I pointed that out to her and said,  "We can't switch now.  He is here,  look." and sure enough,  he was tapping on the drivers side window. 

She sat there facing me,  and the look that passed over her face would have been comical if not for the total seriousness of the situation. The light and beauty I had seen only moments before was transformed into something else entirely. Her countenance crumpled. 

"My license was suspended" she said in a small voice. "I lost it for driving under the influence." and she burst into tears. The cop tapped in the window again and I was stunned into speechlessness. She wouldn't look up at him or respond to his tapping. 

"Please roll down your window,  ma'am." He said politely, but in a strong voice. 

I pointed the button out to her but it seemed she couldn't move. I reached across her and pressed button my self. 

The officer leaned forward,  eyes watching everything and asked her for her drivers license and for the vehicle's registration but still she sat there, not daring to even look up.  Give it up to training,  or maybe it was just so perfectly obvious,  but he took a step back,  placed his hand on his hip near his gun,  and asked her to please step out of the vehicle. 

Again I had to reach across her, only this time I had to pull the door handle and push the car door open for her. She stepped out and would have collapsed if not for the officer catching her. A few minutes later another officer appeared out of nowhere on my side of the car and I rolled the window down for him. 

"The woman who was driving said this is your vehicle. Is that correct?"

"Yes sir", I replied. 

"Have you been drinking as well?" he asked and I replied truthfully and said that I had. 

"Well,  we can't let you drive so we're going to impound the car. You will be able to pick it up in the morning as long as you are the registered owner."

I told him that the car is still registered in my mother's name and she lives all the way across the state in Titusville!

"Well,  unless she gives you a power of attorney she will have to come herself and retrieve the car. There's nothing else I can do." With that he asked me step out and that was that. 

One officer drove off with the girl, the other officer went and sat in other police car,  presumably to wait for the tow-truck, and I ended up standing on the street wondering what to do. It was roughly 2:30 in the morning and I had no-one to call. Not at this on godly hour.  Hell,  I was too embarrassed to even think of calling anyone anyways I began a seven mile walk back to my house. 


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