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LUCIFIER never backs if he has to do those things which is something impossible. Recently he did something and it turned something else but still he won't take it aback. 

1. Why we need festivals? Is it really needed? Do we need it? What will we get celebrating the festivals? Simply we are wasting our time, money and energy. There is no use of any festivals, it is a blunder, putting many of the people in divisions, wherein only one division enjoys and another looks at the latter without understanding why is he or she celebrating it. 

2. If you go to a child and ask about festivals what will it say? If you ask yourself what answer will you get? It is like a amusement done by those who are happy and nothing else. 

3. By forsaking a festival what happens? Nothing. It won't affect your life or death. It won't even make you prosperous then why you celebrate it and waste yours time instead go out roam places and celebrate your happiness by enjoying life. 

4. Instead of celebrating festival if you go on a cruise will you die drowning. If you celebrate festival buying something else will you die by that. If you celebrate you need to waste instead if you buy something else at least that thing reminds you that you have purchased instead of wasting your money on a festival. 

5. No one needs expensive festivals. Buy that thing this things and then dump the recent things to dustbins what is wrong in wearing the same old clothes or using the year old things, does it harm you. 

Even after reading the post if people still prefer to celebrate festivals then I think they truly deserve to be a idiot. When you can buy some more why cut money in the name of festival and later on feel I couldn't make up. Wake up and use your money wisely. If you don't take this things seriously then it is obvious that you have a lot to loose. But in the eyes of LUCIFIER festivals are useless and a big waste. 


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