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A Christmas evening 

..Usually in India we didn't celebrate Christmas that often. Ofcourse we have to respect every religion and celebrate each and every festival with joy and happiness. Definitely as a child we have some good memories about Christmas. 

When I was child I always believe in Santa and always pray  that he give me chocolates .

Around 10 years ago, on Christmas day 

In afternoon,, I was chilling In my room and watching serial ' Dil mil gaye ' (Hearts have met ).And the background score was playing ..dil ke karib laya dil ka nasib re ,khudaya ve haaye, isk ye kaisa ye cheez re (The heart came closer to the heart by its luck, oh god  ,what  kind of thing is love ?) .

Suddenly a voice came in my ear and I jumped out of my chair. I ran towards the door. This was you Rimmy .

Hi RI... Mmy,  l try to speak 

Hi........, she replied 

Merry Christmas 

Same to you ri...mmy. I try to be normal but it was very difficult to look to you and talk to you at the same time. Your eyes are so true that I was completely lost in it.

She said... Mani  I was thinking that we should celebrate Christmas. I brought everything from the market. 

I said yeah, we should. 

Come with me, she said. 

I came to her room. There was lot of packet of balloon,ribbon and other decorative items. We decorated the room and the Christmas tree 🎄. I made some joker and star with help of cardboard and balloons. You also made something crap but I like that. 

After 3-4 hour, we slept in each other arms. We are very tired but you forced me to go back to my house and change my clothes. 

When i come back, after few minutes later, I was surprised. The room is fully crowded with my family and your family and some other neighbors. Everyone praising us decorating the room so well. Uncle brought some cake and pastries for us We cut the cake. You give everyone gift. I was feeling little guilty. We everyone gone, l told her I didn't brought any gifts for you. Sorry for that. 

You said don't worry about about gifts. We can share your choclates.Without you I can't did all these things. So thank you for making this Christmas memorable. 

Hey Rimmy, this was my best Christmas ever have.l always remember those magical moments . From that day our friendship become more stronger and from that day, we can't live without each other .


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