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It was an rainy night, father still hasn't come home and both me and mother are starting to worry. Father works hard everyday, but on Christmas. That's the one day he never miss, the man is basically obvious when it's comes to Christmas. So him missing tonight, that was most scariest thing besides Halloween.

Everything is quiet in my small cramped bedroom, on my bed. All you could hear was mother working in the kitchen down stairs and the pitter patter of raindrops against my stained glass window. I hold my stuffed bear my mother got me for my first birthday. The poor bear was luckily still soft and plush, but one of it's buttoned eyes is replaced with some few stitches shaped as a cat eye. It wore a light blue ribbon around it's neck. Along with a little red rain jacket, father made it all on his own for me.

Because one day I played outside with my stuffed bear, it started to rain. When I ran inside, my stuffed bear turn into soaked bear. I cried for hours on end, because I knew my precious bear had to go to that blackhole spaceship mother kepts in the basement.

After my bear was freed of the evil spaceship. Father gave my fuzzy bear a red rubber jacket. He said to me.

"Now your bear will never need to go to that evil spaceship ever again." He says that petting my head.

Father always used to say 'Every rain storm has their rainbow!'

But what if it's night, will a rainbow still show? I don't know. As I stare out the my window, waiting for father return. I sat up straight when I saw two bright lights floating above, almost like if something was flying. That can't be true, can it? I leaned closer the window to gain better look at the two lights.

I then saw a flash of red as it got closer. What is this? Are my eyes playing tricks on me? Is this a dream? That can't be what I am seeing? Is that... Santa sleigh? In the rain of all places.

As I hear clip clop of reindeer hooves across the rooftop, it had to be true. Race down the stairs to the unlit fireplace, listening to big heavy feet inside the chimney. I screamed 'Mother! Mother! Come look! Come look! Santa is in the chimney! Santa is here! Santa is here!"

When mother skipped out of the kitchen, a huge dust cloud came out of the fireplace. Along with a big old man in red and an tall elf that looks familiar to father?! Mother and I gasped in surprise. Father was an elf for Santa Claus! That explains a lot.

"Father! Father! Your home! Your finally home! I was so worried!" I cheered of joy as ran and gave father a hug. Father hugged back warmly and explains everything about he's an elf and why he wasn't home as usual. It was because all the others elves were sick so he had to go with Santa this year.

And for the rest of that night I had our Christmas feast with mother, Santa and father. The rain cleared and outside was an night rainbow, well that anwar that question. And even my friends didn't believed my story, I still believe in it. My father will be always the top elf in the whole world. Forever and ever~

Marry Christmas





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