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I always dreamt of having the most simple things like laugh on silly things with this person, be goofy and naughty, speak my mind, be comfortable in all my moods as I know you will never judge me. Stay highly emotional as you realize that my emotions are a part of me. I am respected and valued and you show me off as your perfect match. You always call or find me as you always find me interesting  even if you find random women on insta or social media. When you think of your future, you see us together as one. We share beautiful moments that we carry with us when we are just about to shut our eyes from this world. Everyday when you say bye, you leave with this love to meet the next day. I value you above everything else and allow you the freedom you want. I let you fly like a bird so you soar really high and enjoy every view that is visible. I share this trust bond with you that I know your soul craves only for me and mine for you. I make eye contact with other good looking, intelligent and charming people; yet my soul yearns only for you. We show our real sides and are naked as we know we are safe in each other’s embrace. 

It is not the number of years we know someone, it is the amount you get to know someone. I am certain if we were not to be part of each other’s lives, we would miss being complete.....we would be incomplete. 


  • Dec 25, 2018

  • Dec 25, 2018

  • Dec 25, 2018

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