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It lurks in the shadows fallowing your every move. It's fags ready and it willing to strike . 


.maxes mother screams

He stands and stumbles to his wardrobe to change

He changes and gose to school

 Without breakfast. As normal 

His day seemed normal. Getting bullied . Eating alone. But in last period 

", We will have a new student attending this school. And this class. Welcome viper" 

A girl walks through the door. Long black hair. Mezmorising eyes . And a sweet smile

She took her seat beside him and  soon. Thay became friends

The next week was normal but he enjoyed his class with her always talking when the teacher was away . 

Soon prom came around and he was going to ask her to be his date 

" Viper! Hold up!" He rushed to her after class

" Yes?"

" Would yo- he's slammed aside by his brother

" Yo you going to prom with me right,!?"

He sead . Not really giving her a choice

" Y yeah" 

 Max tears up and just walked away 

That night ( prom)

Max stands by the bleachers as viper and his brother danced. Then his brother drug her by the hand out of the gym . And he fallowed 

He watched as his brother tryed to get her to go into the bathrooms with him . This pissed off Max . Something came over him .. a strong feeling.. that took over. He walked up to his brother and without a second thought . He punched him making him let go of her hand to hold is stomach


 Max loved hearing him scream so he did it again. And again. And again then he slammed his head into the wall till it was nothing but a pile of meat. 

Viper just smiled  and whisperd 

" Watch your step"

Before she drags him into the bathroom .

  Two body's was found in the school that night

One of seventeen years old Jason willerd the other sixteen year old Max willerd

One beaten so badly. It was almost impossible to identify the body. The other 

Seemed to suffer from a copperhead bite. No one knows who or what did it 

And as for the girl. She was nowhere to be found


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