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There’s no way I could know if you have been reading the gobbligook (love that word) that appears on screen as a result from my mere thumb tapping repeatedly on a piece of glass. As well as an incessant, pulsating noise, as if I were in a fishbowl with a toddler prodding their finger at me. If you were a follower of the former, you’d know that the words I decide to place together are only copies. They are originally formed in my head as I mentally travel back in time to recall particular events I have witnessed and of which I have been an active participant. Seldomly do they come from out of the blue. They are the cards I have been dealt and played with in this game we call “life.” A game in which we don’t know how to play or even how long it lasts. As we play, we remember the mistakes we make and use these recollections to not make the same mistakes again. Sure, we do recall if something good happens, but rarely does it work when we try it again. It’s the mistakes we know not to make again that count. They are what build our characters. But what happens when we can’t remember? We end up doing the same thing over and over again, without the knowledge of what is going to occur each time. That is why we have learned to communicate with each other. To help each other out. To get through this game requires compassion. Communication. Connection. That is why I put up with the horrible tapping noise. To share my mistakes with you. 


  • Dec 24, 2018

  • Dec 24, 2018

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