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Hello, bad to see you.

I told you to leave. 

I left you two years ago.

I said goodbye.

The pain, it hurts. 

The tears, they poor.

But I am the light, I have to stay strong.

They need my strength no matter how much it drains me.

I need to take initiative. 

Don't give up and dont give in. 

Don't let the black hole suck you in.

I eat, but I am not hungry.

I eat, I feel nauseous.

It's too much, I need to stop.

It's my fault.

Im the one on top.

It's killing me, make it stop.

Who do I talk to?


Are you there, can you hear me?

They need me.

Who do I talk to, who can I tell?

I need out of this.

My head is compressed, too much stress.

My words jumble, I am in a jungle.

He needs me, he's sad.

It's too much for him to handle.

She needs me, she's depressed.

I'm sad but here I am to help all damsels in distress. 

Save me please this black hole is eating me.

I wont let it take over me.

Not again.

God please keep me for all eternity.


  • Dec 24, 2018

  • Dec 24, 2018

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