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"Subject K. R. 2 has regained consciousness sir." Said a robotic voice somewhere above me.

I opened my eyes and found myself strapped to a table inside of a circular glass cell. Above me stood two figures, one was attached to the voice I had heard, and the other was a vaguely humanoid creature.

"Uuuunnnnnnnggghhhh." I moaned.

"It has a very strange way of speaking." Said the creature.

"Sigh, that would be a moan sir." The robot replied.

"I knew that."

"Mhm sure."

"Subject K. R. 2, can you hear me?" The creature asked.

"I'm not your subject and my name's Kristen not K. R. 2."

"Subject K. R. 2 is functioning as normal sir." The robot said.

"Where am I?" I asked.

"Why, The Royal Lab of Her Radiance Empress Luz of course." The creature scoffed.

"Uh, Empress who?"

The creature glared at me.

"That's enough questions out of you." He spat "Insolent thing."

He turned around muttering. The robot looked between the two of us.

"Would you like me to begin the tests sir?" It said.

"Hm? Oh yes please do."

"Very good sir."


Suddenly I was unconscious again. When I woke I was alone. I had been unstrapped from the table so I got up and paced my cell. At least they hadn't seemed to hurt me in any way. I did have a small headache though.

I had been up for probably around five minutes when the doors to the lab slid open. The same creature and what I guessed was the same robot walked in followed by a feminine creature of presumably the same variety as the first surrounded by an entourage of other similar creatures carrying what looked to be advanced weapons.

"This, your majesty, is one of the new creatures that I discovered on that strange new planet, you now, the one quadrant that was formerly thought to be uninhabited." The first creature said.

"I am aware of that." The person who I took to be the empress snapped, "She's an interesting creature." She said more softly now, "You said she is sentient enough to speak?"

"Yes your radiance."

"Fascinating. Greetings creature." She looked at me, "Pray tell, what are you?"

"Uh, hello your majesty, I'm uh... I'm a human."

"A human eh? That's a strange name for a species." She peered at me through squinted eyes, "What is your name, human?"

"It's uh... It's Kristen, your uh... Your radience, Kristen Griessmann."

"Mmm... And do you know why you're Ms. Griessmann?"

"Uh... No?"

"You didn't tell her? Sigh, why did I ever appoint you to head scientist again?"

"I'm... I'm sorry my lady, I uh, I didn't realize that you would actually want her to uh, to know what's going on; uh... Please don't be mad at me your gloriousness." The scientist stammered and stuttered.

"Humf, foolish thing. R0697 please release subject K. R. 2 aka. Kristen Griessmann from her cell."

"Yes ma'am, are you sure?"

"I am."

The robot, R0697, pused a few buttons on a control panel near my cell and the glass slid up. The empress motioned for me to follow her.

"Follow me little human, we have much to discuss...


  • interesting, keep it up kiddo

    Dec 28, 2018

  • Jan 21, 2019

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