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Aydin: Why does he have to be in my second class!

Addilyn: Stop your crying Aydin, you know you your class has to have him. Security reasons only. It's not like he'll see you getting dress.

Aydin: Easy for you to say Addilyn, your not in my class!

Addilyn: Actually, yes I am. I switched at the last second too. I really want to see what he is capable of doing; since he's Tier 4 and all. How strong is he?

Aydin: Really strong. Strong...

Addilyn: Aydin, bell rang, we're going to be late for our second class!

Aydin: Oh shoot!

Aydin and Addilyn rushed to their second class. Just making it before the bell rang.

Elon: Hurry up you two, I need to close the gate!

Addilyn: Sorry Elon, we're coming, we're coming.

Aydin: Sorry...

Elon: It's alright, just get here earlier next time.

Both Girls: We will.

Elon: Good.

All the girls came out to the field for fitness class. Shorts on and white t-shirts. Elon wore all sweats: sweat shirt and sweat pants. His eyes widen.

Elon: Emily! You go here!

Emily: Yeah, since you come here now, Mom stopped homeschooling me.

Elon: Really?

Emily: Yeah, since you come here now, it's safe enough for me to come since you can protect me.

Elon: What about Eteile?

Emily: Eteile? Oh, he still goes to Chance Center High.

Elon: Alright.

They waved at each other. 

Aydin: Who's she?

Elon: Little sister.

Addilyn: Nice.

Aydin: You really have a bad habit of popping up out of nowhere.

Addilyn: Yeah, yeah; class is starting now.

Addilyn dragged Aydin along with her. The class ran two track laps, all the girls were tired. After that, they did some push ups and sit ups. Then they spared, using their powers on one another. Practicing. Elon sat in the bleachers, watching over the girls. He scanned the whole surroundings, looking for any unusual thing, or person. Nothing so far.  He could see.

Elon: They never mentioned this would be boring. But it's man easy A, so I'm not going to complain.

Aydin and Addilyn practiced with Emily. Helping her raise her defense.

Aydin: Elon scares me. His straight face, it's really uncomfortable...

Emily: Elon is a big softie when it comes to protecting people he loves.

Addilyn:Really? That's cute.

Aydin: That is cu-

A Girl: Ahh!

Aydin saw a huge explosion. She turned around and didn't see Elon in the bleachers.

Aydin: He abandon us!

Addilyn: He did? Wow, and I thought he was a good guy!

Emily: He's in the air looking for the person who caused the explosion.

Elon: Emily! Aydin! Addilyn! Move! Now!

Everyone got out of the way.

Elon: Tier 4 Fire Breath!

Voice: Elon, you traitor! You come to our rival school and watch over them! You must perish now, along with all the girls here now!

Elon: Trinstin!? Over my dead body!

Trinstin: Chance Wing Attack 5!

Elon: Tier 4 Earth Dome!

The two went head to head. Fighting. Almost leveling the whole field. They went so fast, moving around, no one could keep up with them. All the girls but Aydin, Addilyn, and Emily left the area. They stayed back to watch the fight.

Aydin: They're crazy! Look at all the craters they're making, like for real!

Addilyn: Agreed! Like do they at least have some commone sense! This is going to be expensive to rebuild everything they touch.

Emily: That's Elon for you. He hasn't fought this hard in awhile, he's enjoying it. Prolonging it as long as possible before authority can arrive. He does this in all his fights.

Addilyn: Your brother is crazy!

Emily: He gets it from watching this one anime called Dragon Ball. The main protagonist, Goku, he is the person Elon copied off of.

Aydin: Boys.

Elon took a glance to the right, where the girls were. He saw someone running to them. He vanished then appeared behind them. He cut his palm and wrote a symbol out of his blood on his wrists.

Elon: Tier 4 activate!

The girls turned around.

Elon: Tier 4 Earth Wall! Steel enforced!

Elon went back to fight Trinstin. Sparks flew. Blood flew. Craters were made after craters were made. The girls kept watching them fight. Emily looked over the wall, guards for the school and cops were on their way here.

Emily: Elon! Wrap it up, authorities are coming!

Elon: Alright!

Elon punched Trinstin in the stomach then elbowed him in the side. Elon flew back a couple feet. He took a drop of blood and put it on his lips.

Elon:Girls build a barrier now!

Aydin: Tier Rock Dome! Will this work?

Emily: Yes.

Elon: Hope you like the hospital Trinstin!

Trinstin: Wha- What!?

Elon: Special Tier! Moon Beam!

A light engulfed the field. Engulfing Trinstin along with it. The guards and cops stared at the beam of light. The girls scared, they felt the earth shaking. Emily closed her eyes. Aydin and Addilyn hugged each other. After a minute, everything stop shaking and the light went away. Elon was on the ground, a couple yards away from Trinstin.

Emily: We need to get both of them to the hospital now!

Both Trinstin and Elon were in a hospital bed. Elon was given a medal by the school. Trinstin was expelled from Chance Center High.

Elon: That was fun.

Aydin: Haha, I bet it was.

Everyone in the room smiled and laughed.


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