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Actually I always have an habit of checking out the titles of many writers in the outlet. Though few writers give the best titles they have some loops in body and some writers write excellent articles but their titles doesn't match with the body. 

But when it comes to writings on ALMIGHTY GOD, very few in the outlet put their level best to please GOD in their ways. But out of all writings I have seen the most aggressive ones usually comes from the table of Satan.opediaology. I am not saying it but his writings are like that. It is so aggressive that it has created a fan in me.

I see a attitude that has lots of hidden aspect expecting to say many things about our planet and the concern he shows on it by selecting the field of this myths. It seems as if he is one of those few who are really worried about those hoax news spread by many peoples about the earth destruction and so on.

I feel this planet indeed does not need any protector or messiah for people themselves have come to a stage where in they can safeguard themselves as well as the planet and I guess if their prayers go accordingly as they prefer then definitely they will get CHRIST AS THEIR MESSIAH AND YES HE MAY DEFINITELY SAVE THE PEOPLE AND THE WORLD AS DESIRED BY MANY. 

So my friend don't and never underestimate anyone by words, I don't think it is good to pull out names of those great persons who are no more. You can say anything but shouldn't say things that might not be good for many of his followers especially on this Christmas day. I hope you will consider my request and try not to pull out names which are of great concern to many. 


  • ^^; oh crap, please don't tell me you read what I wrote

    Dec 24, 2018

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