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Wash Up Colours

Memo: This Story was inspired by a certain song named "Make It Stop"

Here the link -> https://youtu.be/XP4clbHc4Xg

Part I

The Beginning

Our story start with me, an average person. Who is scared. Scared of what the future will me bring up holding my mind like heavy metal chains. I... am Niji, Niji Arau. My first name means rainbow, my surname means wash up. And that's where I got the name of Wash Up Colours.

I wasn't like this before. I was dragged here to a different world to my own, here 80% of population happen to have super powers. But apparently they don't call it that, the call these powers quirks. I'm so scared. There are villains at every corner and don't know who to trust. Reminds me of another name they call me powerless.

Or in this world I'm called quirkless. Because of course I have no quirk, and even if I did what good will it make me. I'm about, I don't know... five or six I think. Well in this world at lest, back home I was sixteen. Can't believe I have go through puberty again.

Part II


One day this kid? Was following me, don't why. I just ignored them, before I'd knew it I'd happen to bump into them the next day. They-- well I should probably say 'he' had black hair and wears rectangular half-rim glasses and also had black with a blue tint hair. I didn't know what his eyes were like cause I wanted to avoid eye contact. He stood straight as a pole, he immediately apologize with he bumped me, and fell on the ground.

"I'm so sorry! Are you okay? Did I hurt you?" He reached out his hand towards me, by I kept my hands to myself and got up on my own. The boy seemed to surprised by my actions, again don't know why. He redrawn his hand and bow my head and simply said "I'm sorry..."

The boy once again was surprised by what I said. Before I was going to walk away, I felt banging in my head. Everything turn white, then I saw a kid on the cross road getting run overed. The everything turn white again then everything turn back to normal. I was panicking, the blue hair boy tried to calm me down. But didn't listen and then ran off, I eventually made it to the cross road. And the kid was there!

But then I saw the car driving fast, no wonder this kid dies. But then I noticed the car was in fornt of me, and the reason was because I'd ran into the cross road and grabbed the kid while still running. I slipped and hit the back of my head against the metal pole, but the kid was able to use me as a safety pillow. I groan in pain as I slowly open my eyes, seeing and bunch of people surrounding us. I haven't felt this frightened since I got rescued by some else from my world.

"Are you okay?" I then snapped back to reality and respond the kid-- little girl with a question of my own.

"Why are you worrying about me? Your the one who almost got hit by a car. Oh, you just reminded me." I stood up and glared at driver.

"What the hell what were you thinking?! Driving in that speed! Were you just trying to kill her!? Oh my goodness! Control your car, we have speed limiters for a reason! It was like you had your foot off break and you place a brick on gas!" The driver was man, and snares at me. Trying to make himself the victim!

Part III

The Argument

Memo/warning: This part may contain strong language, if not to your liking you can skip this part.

The Driver: "Calm down you brat! No one got hurt, so there no need for your meaningless babbling!"

Me: "You literally almost kill her! How in the world is that meaningless!?"

The Driver: "Of course, a brat like will never understand such adult conversations!"

Me: "huh. Does that mean adults run over kids at top speed too, or is it just you?"

The Driver: "I do not need to anwser that, to a mere brat!"

Me: "Well then, I'm sooooooo sorry for being born! And existing in the first place! I never asked to be here! And yet here I am, talking to an Ass hole like you!!!"

The Driver: "Why I never, watch your language you brat! Your parents must be very disappointed to have a ill-mannered wretch like you!!!"

Me: "That might be true... if I had any parents!!!"

The Driver: "So they abandoned you. Make sense, because why anyone wouldn't? You don't deserve love from anyone, you hear me filth!"

He then kicks me in the gut hard to the ground. I started coughing out my own blood. And I just realized how hungry I am, and how dirty my hands are... how tired I am. As my eyes slowly close, they immediately shot open when I felt an aching around my stomach. Coughing more and more blood, the pain just continues to get worse and worse.

"No! Stop! Your going to kill her!" I heard a voice, and then I realized it was the girl.

'No! Don't get yourself involved, just run' I screamed in my head.

The man stopped and turn around to the girl. "Shut up! Or you want to be punished too!"

As showed off a huge evil grin, walking to the girl. The people wanted to help but none of them knew what to do. Using all my strength, I wobbly got on my two feet.

"Coward!" I coughed as I punch his back weakly. He turn around now staring down at me. Then he slap me across the face making lose balance and crashing onto the ground again.

"Watch your tongue, scumbag!" When he said that, I don't what came over me. But stood up again. Then I had that banging feeling from before and again I saw all white. I then saw him beating me down, the jerk. He starts with a right hook then a left kick. He the right punch me to the ground. I think I'm dead at this point.

Part V

Not Powerless

What is this? Am I seeing the future? Guess I have power after all, and I was right about it not leading me to any good. Well while still have it, I might as well put it into use for the good others at least...

When everything went back to normal. Like before, no time has pass. So I still have the jump on him. I barely manged to dodge his attacks, lucky he is slow. But he then pulled out something his pocket, it was a gun and without hesitation he shot in my head. Everything turn black after that.

Part VI

Who's Tenya?

I see everything white again but there was a clock this time. The clock stopped ticking forever ago, how long have I been up? I don't know. I can't get a grip, but I can't let go. There wasn't anything to hold onto though.

Then I heard voice over the sounds of silence. What are they saying? Are they crying? Why are they crying? Please stop... I don't to feel more guilty than I already am.

There white space finally disappear, like fog lifting from the ground. I hear more crying, I slowly reach out. I felt skin, soft and smooth... and soak with tears. "Why... are you c-crying?" I asked weakly.

I then felt a hand over mine. I open my eyes more to see better, and I saw a boy. Black hair? With blue tint? It couldn't be. Why he's here?

"She's awak!? Tenya, leave now! We need to make sure this doesn't happen again!" Said someone, a man? Sounds like a doctor? Am I in a hospital? Who's Tenya? Is that the boy? His hand... his tears they are all so warm. Please don't leave, don't leave me in the cold.

"T-Tenya..." The doctor were screaming and yelling at him, but stop when I spoke again.

"D-Don't... please-e... don't leave... p-plea-se... your... your... so w-warm. D-don't w-want t-to b-be      c-cold any... more." Everything was starting to fade away.

When I woke up again, I can feel my whole body was cold but my hand. I turn to my side and saw Tenya laying his head on the bed asleep. With his hand on mine. I gave a small smile, and whispered "thank you... Tenya~"

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Update I'm going to make Christmas Special look up to it






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