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I wanted to tell her how much she had 

an influence on me. 

Her very existence was my meaning of living. 

I didn't want to be some sort of waste but yet I found ending it all will get my darkness straight

I mean I could've jumped....

However if I hadn't ran into you at the worst of all times you've been suffering through....

I wouldn't have had the luxury to be caressed by you 

You were my escape to everything 

The suicidal thoughts 

The nostalgia of violence 

The hurtful whimpers at night

And the crucial crickets and silence 

You took my hand and soon....

I was someone else 

"I think I just found myself"

"My one, you still needs some help"

"I hope that I'm not still okay because 

Miss Scarlett, I want to go through a phase"

She looked at me with a smile

I did it right, I did what she wanted 

"Tira, despojar a mi adorable." She demands

I do exactly what she tells me


When I do I lay down on my back

She walks closer and stood over me

She's my god, my saviour

At first I was lost in the sea

No never cared nor noticed me

I was down there...drowning

People could careless to save me

I thought I would be a goner

Until she came here sober

Sober of never trying to care

At least she gave me her words

That's when Miss Scarlett took me into her world

Told me I was no ordinary girl

She stood me up and spun around and soon in place

Told me I should forever stay

In this cold world with her

So she stuck out her hand for me to take

Guided me to a foreign lake

That's when I admired...

The one thing that made me grow tired

One thing's that's made me lose over and over

Until I couldn't get from under....

In this moment, she kissed me and her hands wandered

All over my body....When we were done

She told me I was her little drug. A cure to her grief.

I smiled. Then I bled out.

She smiled at my soulless face and my corpse

"Ahora puedes ser liberado mi encantadora niƱa."

Thank you for ending my meaningless life in a lovely, painless way, Miss Scarlett. 


  • Dec 24, 2018

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