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I wake up with a start at 3:30am this morning and have this thought in my mind....’woman’. Why is this such a misunderstood phenomena?

Some feel women need to be protected....Then I wonder, don’t we protect our loved ones irrespective of gender....then i hear so much from the corporate clan about ‘diversity’....I chuckle and mention its hard as women do most of the job....yes, she mothers kids, she helps you grow, she battles your whining narration about your boss and yet when she gives you a suggestion....you have a baffled look which seems like; ‘what do you know?’.
Then to make matters more worse, I hear so much about ‘women empowerment’. This makes me laugh so hard that my abs hurt. 

Dude, yes all you MEN out there; brace yourselves.....women empowerment is not about giving power to women. This term has been devised to remind men that women are powerful. :) Every man reading this has bit and bobs of women in you...through your mom or sister, lover or wife, daughter or girl friend. A woman gives true source of power to people around her. To all those men who think a woman is easy because she is welcoming or always smiling, has a kickass attitude or is open in her thoughts....think again!!! It is a Man that needs to be empowered....:) empowered with the right attitude, respect, benevolence and humility. . She is truly powerful as she can light up your life or light up your house in flames....give her RESPECT and LOVE, she will tend to you forever. Treat her otherwise and you will see her wrath. Each one of you men exist because of a WOMAN....honor them and have gratitude. 

As a WOMAN, I salute every Woman reading this, I have immense respect and great warmth for you. For all the MEN who already know this, I give you hugs and bow down to you too.

WO(MAN) comes before MAN! :) 


  • Dec 23, 2018

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