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Nowadays LUCIFER has started to show HIS presence through my writings. HE has lots of questions for the idiotic believers to bombard with. Lets see what LUCIFER has to say.

1. Michael, this is that arch angel who has won the SATAN, what a joke? The one who struggles so hard and finds 2 or 3 phrases in bible has won the mighty LUCIFER, bullshit. First ask the angel to show his existence. He who is an angel should only watch the dreams of flying and not the dreams of equaling or even coming closer to ALMIGHTY GOD, when the SATAN didn't spare the christ and gave him a worster death than a dog how a misfit like this micheal or Gabriel can even match the mighty glory of LUCIFER. They cant even equal the knees of LUCIFER.

2. Bible looks like a fantasy for me because whatever that has to be written on SATAN they have written it on some illustration characters. Bible itself doesn't know anything about a SATAN simply make HIM worster and has a enemy of ALMIGHTY GOD. Does bible first has the strength to prove that it is the true words of ALMIGHTY GOD. I guess it can't because Bible is just a non living book like our government rules which no one have seen but runs with the stretcher of followers and ministers. Neither bible nor government can speak or do anything good for anyone but instead tries to entice people with all types of baseless promises which can't be fulfilled by anyone.

3. Forget about that misfit Michael even if the entire angels double or grow 100 times still they all are pigs and cant become a LION and even pluck a hair of LUCIFER. If history has forgotten everything ask it to rewind 2018 yrs earlier and see how today's hero jesus was brutally killed by ordinary roman kings. Couldn't protect himself sees the dream of ALMIGHTY GOD'S throne, dare that Christ once again see the same dream and let his followers also dare to do the same this time also, i promise if each one of you wont see your share of hell i will change my name itself.

4. The natural calamities, the signs on the skies and all the havocs on the world is not happening for that useless jesus but is happening because of the uncontrolled atrocities committed by we bustard human beings in the name of human created gods saints and many more bullshits. If sin was to be decided in full it should have happened before 2000 yrs ago, why was technology so improved that Christ fearingly surrounded in front of Romans. Did romans have nuclear missiles at that time? Was the population more than the present one. Nothing. Everything was just 10% of 2018. Still jesus could pluck nor was able to do anything. Now in this technology based ultra modern world what can he do? Spread his gospels and teachings through church and missionaries.

5. If LUCIFER decides this 2019 year is my base year i will come to earth and do whatever i want, can anyone dare to stop him? All the people on the earth are spared not by the prayers of the people but the tolerance of LUCIFER. The day if HE loses HIS coolness starting from that day each one of us will see how a true world will look like.

We can speak ill of anyone in his or her absence it is not bravery. Can the same followers of Christ and other gods saints and stones and serpents together have the guts to speak the same or even hold that fantasy bible as proof in front of LUCIFER. Dont dare to do that because HE is not ALMIGHTY GOD to be merciful and dont make ALMIGHTY GOD helpless by your actions because still that sight of crucifixion hasn't got erased. Remember it each time whenever you speak or act ill of LUCIFER, who knows punishment more greater than crucifixion might be expected you. So be calm and try to respect things, if you haven't learnt it, learn it before its too late.


  • no questions? then I guess I am right

    Dec 23, 2018

  • Great but too aggressive.

    Dec 23, 2018

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