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This is a fake story. Strictly fiction

I was nineteen when it came out

A video game called

", The circus " 

I was hyper about it and hoped I would get it for my birthday

I regret it now

The night of my birthday I got it 

 But I also got silnt hill ...

So I forgot about it

Years later I dug it up from my closet and decided to play it

The screen was the normal Introduction of the game. And then character select



* Jewel



I selected my character and continued

It was a fun game. I wish I played it sooner. I played all characters but one

The last one 


That night I went to bed without trying it to . 

Year later I finished tryed it . This is how it whent

As soon as I clicked it's name my game crashed

I reset and restarted

 The welcomeing screan was red . Like it was all bloody 

The character select


 I was confused and picked one . Like I had a choice 

The music slowed down 

And the character spawed 

I couldn't believe my eyes 

The background was black and in. The middle of it all. Was a beautiful character. Perfect details and amazing shadowing. Almost... Real 

I moved and couldn't help but pay attention as she walked through the darkness to a table . That I diod mover her to

I watched as she moved on her own 

And grabbed a knife that was on the table.

She turned  around and walks twords the camera and-

Part two???


  • Dec 23, 2018

  • Read this before going to bed, good write

    Dec 23, 2018

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