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I can't feel things.

 not like I used to be able to and it's all because of you.

when you left me alone 

I didn't know how to breathe without you 

I knew that you were still alive but it was your choice to leave

 but now I'm trapped in my mind

 I can't feel pain 

I can't feel the rain hitting my wet skin 

my scarred wrists

 but I'm dead mentali I cannot go on not without you 

I'm too numb to live on

 you ran just like I thought you would 

I have predicted the end to our story

 but God I shut out the voices telling me


 saying that you were going to leave

 why can't I ever see the truth

 I hate this numbness I feel

 like everything is so cold to touch

 they know my name but not my story

cutting my throat slitting my wrist 

hitting the walls with my bloody fists

I'm not even holding back the tears 

I just won't come out even if the voices got loud telling me to break down

I can't go on without you 

but you're gone now

you're never coming back and now

I'm numb too numb to live on.

          This poem is part of my collection ×forever×



  • Very poignant

    Dec 22, 2018

  • Dec 22, 2018

  • Dec 22, 2018

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