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Mind is the most powerful tool one has. You can use it for constructing or destroying any of your thoughts. Any thought that has repeated in your head more than once will manifest super quickly. Hence, it is pivotal to keep your thoughts clean, clear and positive. Now, let us look at FEAR. Why does one have this? It is because of not having something, feeling less content is what causes fear or insecurity. If one was to believe that one is content and happy; you will have zero insecurities inside you.

Every life is a beautiful gift. Purpose is to make use of this Life well and be of use to others. Whats the point of living when you have only fed yourself and not anyone else? Live well and let others live well too. Try and invoke positive and warm feelings with all. You have no power over an another. You can only dust your love and affection. It is for the other to accept it or not. Never restrict yourself from being complete. You can let go of all the things that make you empty and latch on to things that fulfill you. Fill yourself with more goodness, love, grace, tranquility and warmth. Work on letting go of any form of feeling that repels you from smiling. Let go of people that cause you discomfort; move away from a place that causes you harm....don’t give in to these feelings. See the world brighten up like a clear blue Sky and all the clouds of doubt or anxiety are lifted. Stay in a beam...be the beam...pour light and warmth into the lives you touch. A fearless mind captivates more Souls and can be ome utmost light in its form. You can experience this light flight should you beckon a fearless mind. Who wants to try? 


  • Dec 22, 2018

  • Dec 22, 2018

  • Dec 22, 2018

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