The Last Kingdom | Ep. 2: Battlescars Read Count : 4

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[At the Palace in the kings bedroom]

*Ed quickly transforms into his wolf body*

*Ed slowly creeped out of the shadows and spoke*

Werewolf | Ed: and what can you do to beat a wolf with sharp teeth?

*King James pulls out a shield and a sword*

*Ed pounces on top of the King, sinking his teeth into his arm*

*King yelps*

*King takes sword and scratches through some of Ed’s wolf skin*

*Ed howls*

[Down stairs in the palace]

Queen | Sarah: James and Ed are fighting! I NEED to save James!

*Queen goes upstairs into the Kings room*

[King James’ Bedroom]

*As The king lay on the ground, breathing heavily trying to catch his breath, blood runs down his body with his clothes ripped to shreds*

Queen | Sarah: OH MY GOD JAMES * tears pour down her face*

King | James: Ed escaped.. He won.. I'm dying Sarah.

Queen | Sarah: *collapses on the ground laying beside James* Please just breath. *continues to cry* don't close your eyes!!

King | James: I gotta go Sarah. It's my time.

Queen | Sarah: NO! JAMES!

<Shows darkness>

[Morning at the palace]

*birds sit outside of the window*

Werewolf | King | Ed: Good morning my queen.


Werewolf | King | Ed: Don't worry I cleaned out James room and I'll be sleeping in there now.


Werewolf | King | Ed: Do NOT treat your new partner that way.

Queen | Sarah: You'll never be a King. Especially not with me.

Werewolf | King | Ed: I hope your okay with it Sarah. Because I can fight you too. Then kill you. Then I'll be able to rule this kingdom.

Queen | Sarah: Whatever Ed. But just know you'll never be my king and I'll never call you one.

[Selesti High School]

Human | Opal: Uhm.. Matt?

Two Soul | Matt: oh hi. Opera right?

Human | Opal: no.. It's Opal. Hehe.. But you can have my car if you want.

Two Soul | Matt: Haha. No thanks. What's up?

Human | Opal: So uhm. I like your face.

*Matt gives Opal a skeptical look*

Human | Opal: I mean I like your shirt not your face. *looks embarrassed*

Two Soul | Matt: thanks haha.

Human | Opal: I mean your face is pretty decent too.. I mean. *Still looks embarrassed*

Two Soul | Matt: I get it.

Human | Opal: So I was wondering.. do you wanna eat with me at lunch?

Two Soul | Matt: Sure! Why not. But I have one question.

Human | Opal: What is it?

Two Soul | Matt: can I bring my girlfriend too?

*Opal looks shocked*


  • Dec 22, 2018

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