The Last Kingdom | Ep. 1: The Problem In Selesti Read Count : 6

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[In The Kingdom Of Selesti]

King | James: Forget about the riot. It was just something that was.. unplanned. We are the last people, and two souls.. standing. So let's make this kingdom great like it used to be!!

(Everyone shouts: YEAH!!!)

Queen | Sarah: Also, we are having a party at Salesti Palace!

(Everyone cheers)  

[At the Palace]

Human | Opal: Nice Party huh?

Goddess of Love | Savanna: Yes. It's so fun!

Human | Opal: So you see that guy over there?

Goddess of Love | Savanna: Yeah! That's Matt. He's a two soul. What about him?

Human | Opal: I kinda need advice.

Goddess of Love | Savanna: Well, since I am the Goddess of Love, I can surely help! We’ll talk at the coffee house tomorrow. I won't tell trust me.

Human | Opal: Oh thank you Savanna! Your a miraculous Goddess.

[Still at the party]

<Shows people talking and getting ready to leave>

*door busts open*

Werewolf | Ed: Don't leave just yet!



Werewolf | Ed: Now, now, Sarah. No need to yell.

Queen | Sarah: Don't push it with me. Your a WEREWOLF!

Werewolf | Ed: The other werewolves thought it would be a good idea for me to come here and crash the party.

Queen | Sarah: They thought wrong. This is our kingdom. You don't live here.

*Ed walks towards Queen and kicks her chair so she falls out of it, then puts his paw beside her neck threatening to choke her*

<After he gets to Queen Sarah it shows their heads up close>

Werewolf | Ed: I wouldn't want to kill the Queen. But iff you threaten me, I'll just have drop my paw and handle you with my teeth.

Queen | Sarah: Fine. I surrender.

Werewolf | Ed: Good. *let's go*

Queen | Sarah: Just, please don't hurt anyone else. They deserve life. Now get out of this kingdom.

Werewolf | Ed: Not until I finish what I assigned myself.

Queen | Sarah: *mumbles* I'm the Queen. He shouldn't be the one making me feel unsafe. But I have a feeling that Selesti is in danger.

[The Kings bedroom]

Werewolf | Ed: Hello. King.

King | James: What are you doing here??

Werewolf | Ed: None of your business..

King | James: How did you get past Sarah?

Werewolf | Ed: She surendured.

*The kings face looks puzzled*

King | James: She would never surrender.

Werewolf | Ed: Yet she did. I've always wanted to see what happens if I fight or kill a Selestian. So why not test it out on you?


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